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VintageAirRally Shows

VintageAirRally Shows

By Faith Chaitezvi: For any aviation or aircraft fanatic, this is an event that one would be willing to follow around the world. Almost two dozen old planes from the 1920’s and 1930’s are on an annual basis given a challenge to fly across continents and meet enthusiasts. This eye goggling event organised by VintageAirRally began in 2008 as a brainchild of Prepare2go – a company specialising in extraordinary logistics (moving people and equipment through difficult places). Nowadays, it is done to showcase the history of air travel and the advancement of technology in the aviation industry.

Last year from November to December, the challenge was scheduled to conquer the African continent under a rally name: ‘Crete to Cape Town.’ Setting off from the Greek shores of Crete across the Mediterranean to Egypt to follow the course of the longest river in Africa, the Nile, past the highlands of Ethiopia into Kenya for a display and air show. To keep the excitement alive the chosen flight plans, try to be as close to the commercial cargo and passengers flight routes taken in the era when these planes took flight in the 1920’s and 1930’s. For Kenyans, the flying boat would land in Lake Victoria for passengers wanting to remain in the East African region.

From Kenya, they proceeded to take the scenic route to Tanzania past Mount Kilimanjaro, over the plains of the Serengeti and past the spice Island of Zanzibar, taking a sneak preview of the Indian ocean before heading into Zambian air space to dock at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Another flying boat destination on the banks of lake Zambezi that brings together the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia, for passengers disembarking in Central Africa.

A delightful show including low flying stunts on the Kazungula airstrip, twin aircraft choreographed movements and breath-taking views over the waterfalls of the Zambezi were performed where Zimbabweans had an opportunity to film, watch as well as touch, feel and of course take selfies with these iconic inventions.

As they departed Victoria Falls into South Africa, the flight plan had successfully covered all fastjet routes in East and Central Africa, waving goodbye as they flew over the business hub of our operations en route to the table mountains of Cape Town. There, they ended the challenge after five weeks of flying across the continent.   

This year the VintageAirRally hosts a two-day, cross-Slovakia Rally event in the next 9 days. It will combine classic cars with vintage biplanes in a never-before-seen Rally concept. Four-person teams, split between the air and the road, will compete to lift the VintageAirRally Cup at the finish line! 

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