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Our Airline

Africa's low-cost airline…

With ambitious plans to create Africa’s first pan-continental airline, fastjet has introduced international standards of safety, quality, security and reliability with 90% of all flights arriving on time. Established in 2012, fastjet has flown over 1,000,000 passengers with almost 40% being first time flyers benefitting from fares as low as $20. Of the 300,000 social media followers fastjet has over 100 customers who have flown as frequently as 50 times!

Low-cost is quite simply the avoidance of costly frills, offering customers the lowest possible fares in addition to pay-as-you travel extras. This affords passengers the flexibility to pay for additional services such as a bag or refreshment rather than having to pay for it regardless whether you want it or not.

How your travel arrangements may look...

Importantly fastjet low-cost definitely does not mean low quality. Despite the many challenges that exist outside our control we will be open, honest, transparent and communicative to ensure that your travel arrangements remain with the least amount of interruption.

Our philosophy is that air travel should be easy…

  • Flights can be booked online, on a mobile phone, at one of our local travel agents or with one of regional sales offices
  • All will be supported by a choice of payment methods
  • www.fastjet.com will be the one website for Africa’s travel needs offering an increasingly wider choice of travel options
  • The best fares available online
  • You can manage your own booking, changing the date of travel (at extra cost) and choose your seat (coming soon..)

We believe our people make a world of difference…

Alongside our service orientated regional teams, trained to offer the highest levels of customer service and the aircrew, we have assembled an international management team steeped in low-cost airline management, engineering and operational expertise.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard…