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Our fleet

Our fleet

fastjet has already launched (November 2012) using three A319 aircraft. The A319 is configured to carry 145 to 156 passengers which affords an economy of scale to support the low cost model in which it operates.

The A319 is a single aisle twin-engine jet that offers high levels of efficiency and low environmental impact, in addition to the high levels of comfort expected in modern state-of-the-art aircraft. 

Manufactured by Airbus, the aircraft is part of the A320 family of aircraft and is identical to the A320 in all aspects other than its length. 

Key Figures

Length 33.84m / 111ft
Height 11.76m / 38ft 7in
Wingspan 34.10m / 111ft 11in
Capacity 145 to 156 seats
Cabin Length 23.78m / 78ft
Range 6850km / 3700 Nm
Max Speed Mach 0.82