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Fly to Tanzania


One of the oldest known inhabited areas on Earth, Tanzania has a steadily growing tourist sector bolstering the already strong export economy – focused on natural resources and agriculture.

Where to stay

Tanzania offers everything from low cost guest houses to 5 star international chains by way of accommodation. At the lower end of the scale a basic room can be as little as Tsh 10,000 (approx $6.30) per night whilst at the other end, a night at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Dar es Salaam can cost hundreds of dollars.

How to get around

Dala dalas, a type of mini van used as public service vehicles,
are a popular way of getting around. They have route fares emblazoned on the side making it easy to know what you should be charged. Fares range from Tsh 100 to Tsh 350. They can be greatly filled, particularly during morning and afternoon rush hours, however they are the most cost effective way to travel around the city.

Taxis are another good option – make sure you only get into those with a yellow or green stripe down the side. Negotiate your price before leaving as they are not metered. For longer distances, buses are the only real option, but book in advance
as they can fill up quickly.

What to eat

Chips Mayai is a Tanzanian speciality that you'll find at nearly every African food stand. Try it with pili pili hot sauce. Other common local dishes are Mtori – cooked beef and bananas and Mchicha – vegetable stew with meat or fish. You'll also find lots of Indian food, a reflection of the long history of Indian immigration.


For a basic room, local food and public transport, expect to spend around $20-$30 a day. Midrange expenses are around $40-$150 per day and a top-end visit will come in at around $150-$500.

Local currency

Credit cards are not widely accepted, so be prepared by bringing plenty of US dollars which can be easily changed for Tanzanian shillings (Tsh) or accepted themselves.