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Fly to Zanzibar


Explore the pristine sandy beaches of Zanzibar with fastjet. Daily connections between Dar es Salaam with Zanzibar bring you to the island known to provide some of the best diving experiences in the world.

The semi-autonomous region, off the coast of Tanzania, consists of many small islands and two large ones - Unguja, the main island referred to as Zanzibar, and Pemba. Crowned as the Spice Islands due to their important role in the trade of spices throughout history, Zanzibar is a place of pristine beaches, romantic, cobbled streets and impressive architecture. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Sight to See

Stone Town is the cultural centre of Zanzibar. Its Indo-Arabian architecture provides a beautiful backdrop to days spent wandering around the ancient town. A cacophony of vibrant colours, bustling markets and a wealth of history make Stone Town a favourite for tourists from all over the world.

Located on the western coast of Unguja, Stone Town was once the centre of trading in the Indian Oceanic region – its architecture reflects the diverse influences underlying the Swahili culture. It is a city of prominent historical and artistic importance in East Africa and as such, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Zanzibar has many impressive beaches. The most noteworthy include Nungwi beach on the northern most point of the island, which boasts azure waters and white sandy beaches, as well as Matemwe, which overlooks the small and exclusive island of Mnemba. Matemwe is ideal for those wishing to escape the throngs of tourists who flock to Zanzibar all year round.

For those looking to explore marine life in its natural habitat, head to one of the many scuba and snorkelling shops on the coast. Explore the beautiful dive sites and the barrier reef in the south west of Zanzibar teaming with exotic fish and enjoy Zanzibar’s clear waters and pristine beaches.

Where to stay

Zanzibar has accommodation options to suit any budget, from luxury beach retreats to cheap hostels and friendly, family-run hotels.

Stay near Ras Nungwi Beach on the northernmost peninsula of Zanzibar for unrivalled sea views and a calm, relaxing vibe. This area provides a fine balance against the bustle of Stone Town.

In the cultural city of Stone Town, treat yourself to a stay in the Ocean Paradise Resort, close to the sea and ideal for those looking to go sea diving in the beautiful reefs off the coast of Zanzibar. Or, for a more traditional stay, head inland to The Swahili House; one of the tallest buildings in Stone Town, this beautiful, terrace hotel was once a grand Indian merchant’s home and is over a century old, offering unrivalled history at very reasonable prices.

What to eat

Zanzibar’s diverse cultural influences are reflected in more than just its architecture. Indian, Middle Eastern and African cultures combine to produce a tasty array of food options. These include a Biryani-style curry, crispy fritters called Urojo and of course the Zanzibar pizza.

Take a wander in Forodhani Park, overlooking the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, and enjoy a brightly coloured tamarind drink or one of the Swahili delicacies on offer as you enjoy the view.

How to get around

Travel around Zanzibar is easy, with minibus-taxis available almost anywhere. Most locals travel by daladala, which are similar to mini buses, although often more crowded - they’re cheap but can take longer to get to places as the driver may make frequent stops.

 Travelling around Stone Town is also convenient by bicycle which are easy to rent for around $5-10 a day.

Experience a place of beauty, culture and ancient history. Zanzibar Archipelago is a semi-autonomous region off the coast of Tanzania, which consists of many small islands and two large ones – the main island of Unguja, more widely known as Zanzibar Island, and Pemba.

The UNESCO protected Stone Town on Zanzibar Island is one of the main cultural and artistic centres in East Africa. It was once the main trading centre in the Indian Oceanic region, bringing cultural influences from India, the Middle East and other parts of Africa.

Stone Town’s Indo-Arabian architecture, with its ornate wooden doors, ubiquitous use of coral stone (from which the town gets its name) and maze-like streets provides a beautiful backdrop to a day spent exploring the bazars and historic landmarks. The town is punctuated with major historical buildings, several of which are found on the seafront, overlooking the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

A popular tourist destination offering something for every type of traveller, Zanzibar is a real treasure of East Africa.

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