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This product offers great value for money for our customers wishing to fly with lots of luggage. ‘Freighty’ affords passengers the ability to check-in more than the standard pre-booked baggage allowance, which is available on all our routes.

You can book your 80kg allowance for only $40 online during your flight booking journey or directly through any of our retail shops or call centre. In all cases the incredible offer is only available to pre-purchase. 

If you're travelling with more than one person on a booking, you can combine your baggage allowance together as long as any one case does not exceed 32kgs in weight. There are no size restrictions on checked-in baggage.

Freighty advantages

·         80kg Allowance

·         Saving money 

·         Getting 40kg more pre-booked allowance

·         Travel with two extra bags

Important things to note:
No more than four (4) items of baggage can be checked-in and no individual item can weigh more than 32kg. Freighty is only available when pre-booking.

No excess baggage is applicable and baggage weighing over 80kg will not be accepted for carriage.

As the 80kg is checked in and considered hold baggage, rules and regulations with regards to the carriage of dangerous objects or liquids still apply. See our terms and conditions for more information.