Drop & Fly | What you can expect regarding your hand luggage when flying on our Embraer E145 aircraft

As the overhead lockers on this aircraft type are relatively small in relation to the aircraft and limited to a single side of the aircraft , it is a requirement that customers with approved cabin styled trolley bags or large styled cabin bags use our Drop & Fly service.

At check-in, our fastjet agent will assess the style of your cabin bag in accordance with the minimal dimensions best suited for the E145 overhead locker.

Should the items be classified by us as a Drop & Fly item  the fastjet agent will affix a Drop & Fly bag tag to your bag before returning the item to you.

You will receive a corresponding stub that will be removed from the Drop & Fly bag tag which you will retain with you for the duration of your flight. This is a record of your bag classification for Drop & Fly.

The bag once returned to you at check-in shall remain in your care until your arrival at the aircraft.

On arrival at the aircraft a fastjet representative will be present to support you as you remove all valuable items or personal items you may require for the duration of the flight from your bag and secure the remaining items before you leave the Drop & Fly labelled bag at the aircraft door or the steps of the aircraft. 

Should your bag not be classified at check-in, a fastjet representative will be on hand to support you at the aircraft, before the bag is removed from you.

The fastjet support team will collect all Drop & Fly bags and place them in the rear cargo hold of the aircraft.

On arrival our Cabin Crew will request for all customers to remain on the aircraft  until all Drop & Fly bags have been safely removed from the aircraft hold and placed in a designated safe area for your collection.

Customers will then disembark the aircraft and collect their Drop & Fly bags before proceeding to the arrivals dedicated area or the awaiting bus for transfer to the arrivals area.