Gallery of the dead by Chris Carter

Gallery of the Dead is the terrifying new thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Chris Carter.

After a busy day of attending photoshoots at studios located across Los Angeles, model Linda Parker returns home to unwind with a well-deserved glass of red wine and her beloved cat. While snapping a ridiculous selfie she spies the shadow of a figure in her phone’s screen. What happens next is almost unthinkable.

Detective Robert Hunter of LAPD’s Ultra-Violent Crimes Unit is in the middle of giving a lecture on serial killers to a packed auditorium when he’s called to Parker’s house. The scene that greets him and his partner, Detective Carlos Garcia, could make even the toughest stomach lose its dinner. It’s a gruesome murder, and there are all the signs that this is not the killers first kill. But they’ve only just begun their investigation when the FBI arrive and threaten to take over the case. Despite animosity between the departments, they agree to work together to track down a psychopath whose hunting ground sees no borders and whose victims seem to have nothing in common. But can they figure out the killer’s clues before he claims his next victim?

Carter’s Gallery of the Dead is a thrilling race against time to catch an unpredictable serial killer whose crimes have LAPD and FBI’s finest absolutely baffled. It’s a page turner which you won’t want to put down.

There is quite a twist at the end of the novel. And yet I was a little disappointed with the turn of events, especially after the impressive groundwork that Carter had laid in the preceding pages. Having said this, it was a brilliant read, and I would certainly recommend it for any fan of crime fiction.

Gallery of the Dead is the ninth instalment in the Robert Hunter series.


Review by Candice de Beer