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African value airline fastjet this weekend added to its growing awards tally when it was recognized as the Leading African Low-Cost airline for the third successive year. Last year the airline was awarded the Skytrax World Airline Award as Best African Low-Cost Airline with Air Transport World naming fastjet Africa’s Best Value Airline in February this year. The World Travel Awards are awarded based on votes by airline customers.

Dar es Salaam: Value airline for everyone fastjet’s on-time performance in Tanzania led all other regional airlines last month. In August the carrier achieved a 94% average on time performance. This was the eighth consecutive month where fastjet exceeded the 90% mark.

When in Tanzania, the Kilimanjaro region is the place to be. Not only is it astoundingly beautiful, but there are a host of activities to look forward to. Best of all, fastjet can take you there. Here are our top five activities to look forward to in Kilimanjaro.

Victoria Falls is no doubt Zimbabwe’s crowning glory. A natural wonder of the world, this beauty draws holidaymakers from across the globe. Whether you’re after a romantic getaway or an adrenalin-fuelled break, Victoria Falls has it all and more. Here are just five incredible experiences to look forward too on your travels.  

From 6 August 2018 fastjet will include one piece of checked baggage weighing 23 kg and a snack on all flights.

After months of training the Trek4Mandela team arrived at the foot of Kili ready to begin the physically and mentally gruelling climb. Kevin Ritchie shares his account of this incredible journey.

Afrika ni sehemu nzuri Zaidi ya kujipima uwezo wako wa kumpunguzia bei muuzaji na upeleke nyumbani zawadi nzuri au vitambaa uvipendavyo. Hizi ni sehemu 5 tunazoshauri utembelee ukiwa Dar es Salaam.

Fastjet is pleased to announce that we are the first affordable airline to operate this route. Our first flight is scheduled to take to African skies on 20 July 2018 and we look forward to welcoming Guests on board.

Fastjet sat down with international best-selling author Chris Carter to discuss serial killers, writing and his latest novel Gallery of the Dead. Here's what went down.

We've compiled a list of top tips to help you stay healthy during your business trips. Here's what you need to know.

Test your bargaining skills and purchase authentic African sourvenirs, fabrics and so much more at these Dar es Salaam hotspots. 

Fastjet is committed to turning first-time flyers into frequent jetsetters. We do this by offering the lowest fare possible. If you want to explore Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, and Zambia, do it with fastjet. Here's what you need to know. 

Amini usiamini sasa wateja wa fastjet wanaweza kubeba hadi kilo 23 za samaki fresh kama Sato, sangara, furu, dagaa wa Mwanza na kamongo wote wanaruhusiwa. Hakikisha umewagandisha kabla ya kuwasafirisha na pia hakikisha umewa weka kwenye ndoo ili. Hapa tumekuwekea sababu nyingine chache za kwanini utembelee Mwanza.

Unaweza kupanda milima, kuangalia ndege warukao angani, kwenda safari na picnic ukifurahia Ngozi Crater. Mbeya ni mji mzuri kutembelea pale unapotaka kuondokana na kelele za mjini. Kitu kizuri Zaidi ni kwamba fastjet itakupeleka Mbeya kwa muda mfupi sana. Hizi ndizo sababu za wewe kuweka Mbeya kwenye orodha ya sehemu za kutembelea.

Gareth Cowden believes the world wants more than just functionless art from Africa. So he created Babatunde. Fastjet sat down with Cowden to find out more about this endearing artisan brand and why we all need a little Babatunde in our wardrobe.

On 4 June 2018, fastjet, Puma Energy Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, and the CAAZ took 18 children from disadvantaged backgrounds on the adventure of a lifetime. Here’s what happened!

Welcome Danca's journey as an artist began many years ago on the walls of his childhood home. Today his artworks hang on the walls of 5-star hotel Hout Bay Manor and well-known South African brand Nando’s. Fastjet sat down with Danca to find out a little more about him and his craft.

With the opening of the Maputo-Catembe Bridge and the Maputo Waterfront development well underway Mozambique’s capital is set to become a world-class travel destination. Fastjet found out just what tourists and locals have to look forward too. 

From hiking to bird-watching, game drives and picnics overlooking the Ngozi Crater Lake, Mbeya is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of African cities. Here’s why you need to add Mbeya to your bucket list.   

To show our support for Caring4Girls, fastjet is not only sponsoring the flights of the Trek4Mandela climbers, but we will also be taking part in educational activations across Tanzania. 

Yes, you can travel with up to 23 kg of your preferred catch of the day between Mwanza and Dar es Salaam. We've also compiled a few other good reasons to visit Mwanza town. 

Fastjet caught-up with international author, Kate Furnivall, to find out what it takes to write a bestselling novel, and to find out more about her latest release The Betrayal. Here's what went down. 

One of the most beautiful lodges in Zimbabwe, this 4-star hotel offers guests a magical escape from the bloated walkways in and around Victoria Falls. And best of all, fastjet can take you there. To find out what awaits you, read on.

From a placid young man to one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated television and radio show personalities, Arthur C Evans has captivated audiences across the country. Fastjet sat down with Evans to find out where his love for entertaining began.

Whether you are newly pregnant or six weeks from giving birth, fastjet has compiled a list of top tips to make your flight across African skies as comfortable as can be.

The carriers expect growth of inbound African tourism and trade traffic as demand continues to rise.

If you are a regular business traveller you probably know all the tips and tricks to enjoy an uneventful work trip. Whether your business travel is a day trip or a week-long trip, these are fastjet’s top tips for travelling in Africa.

Timing is everything when it comes to getting the best value for your money. To help you book your fastjet flight at the right time for the right price we've compiled top tips and advice. Check it out.

With affordable flights to Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, choose fastjet to take you home this International Family Day. 

A relatively new neighbourgoods market, The Pantry Market at Keyes is the perfect place to find organic, free-range and handcrafted artisanal foods. Fastjet was on scene to meet the stall owners, taste their goods, and find out just why you need to add this monthly event to your calendar. Check it out.

Ni shamra shamra ndani ya viwanja vya Leaders jijini Dar es salaam. Timu ya mpira wa miguu ya fastjet imejinoa tayari kwa mashambulizi dhidi ya timu pinzani katika mashindano ya Sports Xtra Bonanza yaliyofanyika siku ya mei mosi.

For two years, Miklas Manneke travelled the world asking ordinary people if they would dance for him. Fastjet sat down with Manneke to find out more about this fascinating story. Check it out.

Nothing can take the joy out of flying quicker than a miserable child. To keep your little travellers happy, we've compiled a list of our top tips. Check it out. 

The fastjet soccer stars had previously won five Sports Xtra Bonanza tournaments. Would 2018 be lucky number seven? Read on to find out.

SHIRIKA la Ndege la Fastjet limewezesha Madaktari wa kinywa na meno kusafiri kwenda kutoa huduma ya afya ya kinywa na meno bure kwa wananchi wa wilayani Tarime mkoani Mara.

When compared to on-time performance statistics published by its peers, fastjet has taken the lead in many of the markets in which it operates.

The memorandum was signed in LAM headquarter in Maputo. Read on to find out how this will enhance commercial aviation in the country.

Mozambique is beckoning you to come and explore its pristine beaches and stunning islands, vast tracks of wild bush, the mighty Zambezi River, as well as cities and ports steeped in history. With cheap flights on offer, why not let fastjet take you from Maputo to Beira, Tete, and Nampula?

The award is fastjet’s third accolade in as many quarters following the Skytrax World Airline Awards’ Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa and the World Travel Awards’ Leading African Low-Cost Carrier honours received in 2017.

Talented Zimbabwean wildlife artist, Gareth Hook, brings his passion for the African bush to life in artworks that are nothing short of extraordinary. And fastjet was lucky enough to draw him away from painting to shed a little light on his work. 

Friday, 9 March 2018, was truly a special flight for fastjet Zimbabwe and Guests on board flight FN8003. It was business unusual when legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi began to perform tracks from his latest album for all on board. Here's what went down.

Tuzo hii ni ya tatu kwa fastjet huku ikiwa na tuzo nyingine kama Skytrax World Airline Awards’ Best Low-Cost Airline ndani ya Afrika na the World Travel Awards’ Leading African Low-Cost Carrier zilizotolewa mwaka 2017.

The month of February saw low-cost airline fastjet achieve an impressive 93% on-time performance record between South Africa and Zimbabwe. This is a 2% improvement on January's performance.

Fastjet was one of many airlines to attend this year's Spotlight Travel and Tourism Exhibition in Harare and Lusaka. Here's what the event is all about. 

A new dawn has arrived in Zimbabwe. The country is open for business and ready to once again prosper economically. Fastjet attended the Zimbabwe Trade and Investment Conference and Expo to find out what it is all about. 

Juanita Frïer believes that art should not be exclusive. So, she is using her art as a tool to express her desire to make art more inclusive and to create conversation that matters.  

Kwenye nchi zote ambazo Fastjet inafanya shughuli zake , Shirika limeweza kuwa na 93% ya kuondoka na kufika kwa wakati. Kwa ujumla Fastjet imeruka zaidi ya safari 900 kwa mwezi Februari.

Londres, Reino Unido: Fastjet foi nomeado como a Best Value Airline in Africa no 2018 Air Transport Awards ontem. Os prêmios anuais, criados pela publicação líder da indústria International Transport News, reconhecem a excelência entre todos os atores do setor da aviação global. O prêmio é o terceiro elogia de Fastjet em tantos trimestres seguindo o Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa de Skytrax World Airline Awards  e Leading African Low-Cost Carrier do World Travel Awards recebidas em 2017.

February saw award-winning low-cost airline fastjet achieve a 93% on-time performance record in Zimbabwe. A 2% improvement on their solid performance in January. 

Maputo: A companhia aérea low-cost fastjet realizou um sólido recorde de performance de 87% em Moçambique durante fevereiro; Isso segue uma realização confiável em janeiro, quando os vôos da companhia aérea registraram um registro de 82% a tempo. Em todos os países onde o fastjet está presente, a companhia aérea estabeleceu o ritmo com o cronograma em uma pontuação de rede global de 93%. Mais de 900 voos de marca fastjet foram operados em fevereiro.

Take a stroll through Lusaka’s vibrant markets. Hop on a safari vehicle and drive through the incredible wildlife parks and unforgettable game reserves. Expand your business. Fastjet's cheap flights from Harare to Lusaka means you can do this and so much more.

Dar es Salaam is a dream holiday destination. Explore incredible marine life and shipwrecks, dance up a storm at beach concerts, haggle for trinkets and vibrant materials in bustling marketplaces, go on day-trips to surrounding islands, and so much more. 

Surprise your kids and book your seat to experience the fun and games of Cartoon Network Live! which is coming to South Africa in the July holidays. Read on to find out more about this event and why you need to see it.

Art Eye Gallery has been described as “unique art for unique people”. It is a quirky, stylish space where people can gather, grab a cup of coffee from the coffee bar and just hang out. See for yourself!

Ever heard of the Kili Marathon? It takes place every year in Moshi town and this year race day is on 4 March. If you're in the region head on down to support the local and international runners as they push their bodies to the limit.

If you've always wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro then this is your chance. With fastjet's affordable flights, the only thing that may be holding you back is your fitness levels.

From sunset cruises on Lake Victoria to game drives in the Serengeti National Park, here's what awaits you in Mwanza. 

Tunapenda kukuona ukitembelea ndugu, jamaa na marafiki au ukitembelea kujionea uzuri wa asili wa Tanzania kwa Fastjet shirika ambalo linakupa bei nafuu za safari za ndege . Hii inamaanisha kuwa sasa unaweza kusema kwaheri kwa safari zote za basi na treni zinazotumia muda mingi njiani. Furahia kusafiri na fastjet kwa kuruka kwa dakika 90 tu.

Gundua uzuri wa asili wa Tanzania au washangaze wapendwa wako – ni rahisi na nafuu, unapokata tiketi za bi nafuu na Fastjet kutoka Dar es salaam kwenda Mbeya. Kwa bei ya kuanzia tsh 87800, Fastjet itakupeleka kwa haraka na kwa raha mustarehe. Mbeya itafanya safari yako kuwa nzuri nay a kukumbukwa.

Experience beautiful Beira. Fastjet can take you there affordably. Here's what you can look forward to in this city. 

Here's what you can expect on a flight from Maputo to Nampula, as well as a few things to see and do if you're not travelling for business. 

Booking your flight online is quick, our fastjet cabin crew are friendly, and as a holiday destination, Mbeya is a beauty. Here's what you can look forward too.

Travel in comfort. Travel fast. Fly throughout Tanzania with fastjet.

Yawezekana umewahi kunisikia kama Jimmy Jam nilipokua nafanya kazi DTV, kwa sasa wengi wananifahamu kama RDJ Kwachee, jina langu halisi ni Jamal Abdallah, mtangazaji wa TV-E na redio EFM. Situmii kilevi. Napenda kuogelea, kuangalia filamu na kutembelea ndugu, jamaa na marafiki.

Add Tete to your bucket list. Here's what you can expect to see and do while exploring this city.

To experience some of the best sites in Zimbabwe, you need to travel with the best. Here's everything you need to know about Bushtracks Africa.

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. MSC Musica is on her way to South African shores and she wants you to join her for a cruise unlike any other. Here's what you need to know. 

On a crisp morning in Harare we got to breakfast with Oliver Mtukudzi at Pariah State. While discussing his incredible career, we couldn't help but notice the hushed whispers and cursory glances of patrons desperately trying to catch his attention. Here's what went down.

If you're coming to the city of Gold, make the most of your trip and add these 5 locations to your itinerary. 

Discover all of Harare's best sites and places to visit, and do it in a day. Here's how.

Journey to one of Africa's, and in fact the worlds, most beautiful natural wonders. Victoria Falls is a once in a life experience. Here's why you simply have to add it to your bucket list. 

Journey to Dar es Salaam and you could stroll through humble fishing ports, dine at tranquil beach front restaurants, haggle in cultural craft markets, and swim in crystal clear waters. Here's what awaits you.

Television presenter, actress and all round positively-infectious media personality Thenjiwe Stemela is just one of those people who, after a conversation, leaves one inspired and geared to introspect, do more, want more and be more. Here's what advice she imparted.