5 unforgettable reasons to holiday in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is no doubt Zimbabwe’s crowning glory. A natural wonder of the world, this beauty draws holidaymakers from across the globe. Whether you’re after a romantic getaway or an adrenalin-fuelled break, Victoria Falls has it all and more. Here are just five incredible experiences to look forward too on your travels.  

1. Experience the mighty Falls

It goes without saying that no holiday in Victoria Falls is complete without experiencing the great Mosi-oa-Tunya up close and personal.  Stroll through 3.8 km of natural rainforest beginning at Devils Cataract. Pass by David Livingston’s statue. Stop off at scenic viewpoints and marvel at the Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls. The neatly laid-out paths make it impossible to get lost, though you may choose to spend a little more time simply enjoying the incredible sight. We do advise that you pack a raincoat, because you’re going to get wet.


2. Enjoy sundowners while cruising the Zambezi

Book a luxury boat cruise on the Zambezi. Bushtracks’ Victoria will dazzle you with her elegant furnishings, gourmet catering and, most importantly, sensational views. While you meander along the Zambezi River listen to the birdlife, look out for crocodiles and hippos, and get to know the other guests. Best of all, Victoria’s sleek design ensures that you’ll easily (and safely) access parts of the river which are dangerously close to the falls. Pack your camera, because this is an experience you’ll want to share on Instagram and with friends back home.


3. Take to the skies in a Hot Air Balloon ride

What could be more romantic or exhilarating than a hot air balloon ride over the magnificent Victoria Falls? Lift off into clear blue skies and enjoy an uninterrupted 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Pack your binoculars as you may spot a herd of elephant or pack of lions in the park. You might also spy a brave few swimmers lounging in Devil’s Pool, or adrenalin junkies preparing to bungee off Victoria Falls Bridge. Having said all of this, if you do have a phobia about heights the thrill of a hot air balloon ride may not be the activity for you.


4. Walk on the wild side in Zambezi National Park

If you enjoy a little physical exertion book a safari walk through the Zambezi National Park. An experienced guide will safely take you through parts of the park on foot. Imagine stumbling across a lion kill, witnessing a herd of buffalo grazing in the nearby long grass or a rhino giving birth to her calf! These experiences are all possible. Choose from a half day to full day and over-night walking safari. If this is a little too close to Mother Nature, we suggest arranging a game drive. Equally thrilling, the guides know exactly where to find big game and you can enjoy the African wild from the safety of your 4x4 car seat. 


5. Board a steam train and sip champagne while crossing from Zim to Zambia

Indulge yourself and board the extravagant Bushtracks Express steam train. It travels from Zimbabwe, across the popular and impressive Victoria Falls Bridge, into Zambia. While on board you’ll enjoy fine dining and first-class service. The train departs on Tuesdays and Fridays so book in advance as it fills quickly.


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