Business or pleasure, fastjet offers cheap flights from Maputo to Nampula

Why take a flight from Maputo to Nampula? With such cheap flights on offer, why miss the opportunity to fly with fastjet and explore Mozambique? Fastjet will take you in comfort, at an affordable price, from Maputo to Nampula to see friends and family or simply to enjoy all the beauty that is there waiting for you. It’s a price you simply can’t refuse. Let’s discover the fastjet journey from Maputo to Nampula.

Getting to know Maputo

Located on a wide bay, where several rivers flow into the Indian Ocean, Maputo is a major port, making it the main commercial hub of Mozambique.

It all began in the 1500s, when Lourenço Marques was a mere fishing village. In 1877, it became a city, and then the capital of Portuguese Mozambique in 1898. When Mozambique gained its independence in 1975, the city was renamed Maputo.  


Maputo International Airport

It was just getting light when we were taken by taxi from the city centre to Maputo International Airport, about 3 km away. This airport is the hub of all fastjet’s flights to other cities in Mozambique, namely, Beira, Tete, and Nampula.

After checking in inside the modern terminal building, completed in 2010, we boarded the fastjet plane, took our seats, and keenly awaited take-off to the city of Nampula.


The flight to Nampula

The 2,000 km road journey from Maputo to Nampula, which normally takes about 28 hours by car, is reduced to just 2 hours and 10 minutes of relaxed flying with fastjet. Around 50 minutes into the flight, we left mainland Mozambique to fly directly over the Mozambique Channel. With Madagascar lying about 800 km to the east, we saw no land for the next 50 minutes or so - just the beautiful bluish haze of ocean everywhere we looked, glistening in the early morning sun.  

About 30 minutes before touchdown at Nampula Airport, the plane re-entered the airspace over mainland Mozambique just after Quelimane. And then, after a lovely, soft landing, we arrived at Nampula Airport.


Nampula Airport

There to greet us was a wide, two-storey building, with the huge letters NAMPULA erected at roof-level, and under the watchful eye of the control tower.


Nampula's beauty

Nampula is surrounded by the distant, beautiful Iselberg Mountains, characterised by volcanic, rocky outcrops rising high above the plains. The road from Nampula skirts the bottom of these mountains to reach the closest coastal town of Nacala, over 200 km away. Nampula is the third-largest city in Mozambique, and the business centre of that region.  


What about hotel accommodation at Nampula?

Nampula offers you a choice of six hotels. Two of these are four-star hotels, of which the Girassol Nampula Hotel on Avenido Eduardo Mondlane was our choice. The hotel has 28 rooms and an amazing restaurant.

After checking in, we immediately set out to enjoy what there is to be seen and to do in Nampula.


The Centro Comercial Nampula

Occupying the ground floor of the grand Girassol Nampula Hotel, is a shopping centre where you can enjoy fabulous coffee and have an indulgent browse in the centre’s bookstore: it’s the best in town.  


Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima (Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral)

This Catholic cathedral is a striking landmark in the city centre, and deserves a visit. Built between 1941 and 1955, and inaugurated in 1956, the building, which is cream-white inside and out, features the traditional architecture of that time. It is characterised by two towers in the front.


The Museu Nacional de Ethnologia

This museum, a national highlight, showcases the tribal and ethnic culture in this part of Mozambique, particularly the Makonde culture. There’s even a little area where you can buy traditional carvings, jewellery, clothes and woven baskets from local artists and crafters. The exhibits are well-kept and, with information provided in Portuguese and English, the museum is one of the best, most informative and interesting in Mozambique.


Ilha de Moçambique, or Moçambique Island

If you want to get out of Nampula, a 2,5-hr drive on 180 km of tarred road via the coastal town of Nacala takes you to Ilha de Moçambique. The island is linked to the mainland by a stunning 4-km bridge. Steeped in history, Portuguese explorers first arrived on this tiny island in the 1500s. The country under Portuguese rule got its name from this island.   

All these exhilarating experiences in and around Nampula are awaiting you and your family and friends. The good news is that these wonderful Mozambican highlights are well within your reach thanks to fastjet’s cheap flights.

Take the opportunity now to catch a flight from Maputo to Nampula and enjoy a wonderful Mozambican experience – you’ll never regret it.

Book your flight from Maputo to Nampula today. Have you explored the rest of Mozambique before? Discover what makes Beira and Tete breath-taking destinations in Mozambique.