We have increased our ValueFlyer free baggage allowance and policy for all customers travelling over the period from 19 November until 10 January 2021.

During this promotional period, all customers with secured ValueFlyer bookings or tickets  for travel between Harare & Johannesburg and Bulawayo & Johannesburg will be  receive a FREE checked baggage allowance which now includes a maximum of two (2) pieces of checked baggage with a combined weight of 40 kg  and a cabin baggage allowance of 7kg. No additional checked baggage allowance may be purchased with this new offer.

Our free baggage allowance for our FlexiFlyer customers offers two (2) pieces of checked baggage allowance, each piece may weigh up to 23 kg per piece and a cabin baggage allowance of 7kg. FlexiFlyer customer may purchase a third (3rd) piece of checked baggage allowance from the airport sales desk before check-in. The reduced fee to purchase an additional piece of checked baggage at the airport is now USD $30.00 during this promotional period.

Should your travel plans include a domestic fastjet route or travel between Victoria Falls and Johannesburg, regardless of your fare type, you will be permitted to purchase one (1) additional item of checked baggage (23kg) at the airport sales desk before check-in. The reduced fee to purchase an additional piece of checked baggage at the airport is now USD $30.00 during this promotional period.

We may at times restrict the total number of checked baggage items accepted per aircraft in accordance with the prescribed payload conditions applicable for our Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft. We will do all possible to load all hold baggage but, in the interest of operational safety, we may opt to carry some baggage on the next available flight to your destination. You are advised that this arrangement for the same travel date especially during our peak travel periods and flights operated with maximum passenger capacities may not be achieved. There may be instances when you will only be permitted the carriage of your free checked baggage allowance. 


Fastjet Prescribed Baggage Conditions


Excess Weight

Should your Checked Baggage items exceed the combined weight limitation of 40 kg for ValueFlyer or 46 kg for FlexiFlyer, you will be charged USD10.00 per kg, for the excess baggage weight.  No single item may weigh more than 32 kgs.

Excess Dimensions

Any item of Checked Baggage that exceeds the maximum allowed linear dimension of 90 cm (length) + 75 cm (height) + 43cm (width) = 208 cm, shall be charged the equivalent of an additional checked baggage item. No single item may have a combined linear dimension of more than 319 cm.