As the vision of driving domestic tourism in Zimbabwe takes centre stage for our travel community, there has never been a more appropriate time than now to increase our customer engagements and conversations with a connected tourism community.

In line with our recent announcement, where we affirmed our commitment to Zimbabwe's Post COVID19 tourism recovery strategy, as presented by the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism & Hospitality Industry and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, we are now ready for the next step.

As a proud local air travel partner, we are excited to engage with travel and tourism industry partners, about our "Connect Zimbabwe | People & Places" initiative.

One of our initiative objectives is to promote and offer information to new and existing customers on Zimbabwe's travel experiences and opportunities. Aligned with the banner of "Zimbabwe A World of Wonders", we aim to share the latest information and insight about travel and tourism establishments, services, sites, activities, facilities and more, with dedicated content and images on our website and social media platforms.

We are reaching out to our travel colleagues to link up with us, in facilitating the publishing and promotion, via our website and throughout our extensive followership on our social media channels, of your tourism establishments and services

Focusing on inspiring new and returning visitors, connecting people and places is not a new theme for our airline group. Fastjet Zimbabwe took to the skies in 2015, and as a proudly Zimbabwean airline, has over the years positively showcased and connected customers with local destinations, communities, business ventures and more via their inflight magazine PLACES.  Taking this to a new online level, and as a proud and passionate Zimbabwean organisation, we are excited about partnering and together inspiring local travel engagements.

Fastjet is inviting travel and tourism partners who are interested in showcasing their services and offerings through our website to contact our Brands promotion team via [email protected]