Countdown to the 2018 Kilimanjaro Lager Marathon

Just south of the Tanzanian equator you’ll find a little town call Moshi. It lies at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Each year it plays host to a 42.2 km marathon, a 21.1 km half marathon and a 5 km fun run. Affectionately known as Kili, this marathon attracts runners and spectators from across the continent and the world.

This year, race day will be on Sunday, 4 March 2018. Fastjet recognises that runners will be focused on the enormous task at hand, and that flight delays and poor service can adversely affect your performance. If you want friendly service, punctuality and a stress-free trip, then fastjet is the airline to take you there. 

Entries have closed for this year's race, but if you want to find out more about this marathon here’s what you need to know.


Why a marathon?

In 2002, while enjoying a pint of lager, Wild Frontier (the event organisers) came up with an ingenious idea to organise a marathon that would grow tourism to the Kilimanjaro region. Knowing that runners are willing to push their bodies to the limit, it wasn’t a stretch to think they’d turn their sights to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  And while recovering, they and their supporters could explore the Serengeti in a game drive vehicle or some of the nearby towns.

So, on a tiny marketing budget they managed to attract around 400 runners (a mix of local and international) to the first full- and half- marathon. From here, sponsors came on board and word of mouth spread about this epic marathon. 16 years later and the Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon is now the most popular sporting event in the region attracting roughly 9000 runners.


A little about the route

The marathon starts in Moshi stadium. Runners will head out of town and then back before turning towards Mount Kilimanjaro. And what goes up must come down. Runners pass smallholding farms, banana and coffee plantations, forest and parts of the town. The spectacular scenery ensures that the run breezes by.

And throughout the race there are locals waiting to offer that much-appreciated support. Water tables and sponging points are regularly spaced, with the odd shower to cool down.

And at finishing you’ll find refreshments on sale and local bands entertaining the enthusiast crowds


Changing the lives of local people

This marathon has allowed local running- and entrepreneurial talent to flourish and as a result is improving lives. Each year the hometown athletes post world-class times, tourism surges and local bands have the chance to get their music out there.


Endorsements and sponsorships

The Kili Marathon is backed by the Tanzania Tourist Board, the Tanzania Amateur Athletics Association, and the IAAF, it is a world-class event. It is also registered with AIMS as a means of promoting sport in Tanzania.


Support the Kili Marathon runners

If you know of anyone running the Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon, show your support and be there on the day to cheer them on. With fastjet’s cheap flights from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro getting there couldn’t be easier.


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