Fastjet’s top 5 shopping hotspots in Dar es Salaam

By Candice de Beer

Africa is a great place to test your bargaining skills and take home some rather lovely souvenirs and fabrics. Here are our top shopping hotspots to visit while staying in Dar es Salaam.

Mwenga Wood Carver’s Village
In Africa you don’t have to travel far to find a beautifully crafted wood carving. These lifelike masterpieces come in all shapes and sizes, will travel well if covered in bubble wrap, and display nicely on the floor or a shelf in your home. They also last for years provided they are not too exposed to tough conditions and are a great reminder of your travels to Africa. You’ll find eye-catching and colourful creations at Mwenga Wood Carver’s Village. Bring your cash and be prepared to bargain. 

Tingatinga Art Centre
Also incredibly popular in Tanzania is the tingatinga painting style. Characterised by a vibrant use of oil colours and bold cartoon-like figures, you simply cannot leave Dar without purchasing some of these art pieces to take home and frame. You’ll find a wide variety at Tingatinga Art Centre.

Kariakoo Market
For an authentically African shopping experience head to Kariakoo Market – the most popular marketplace in Dar es Salaam. Here you’ll find anything from food to clothes, paintings, and jewellery. The sellers expect you to haggle, so don’t accept the first offer. Bargain them down. We also suggest that you go early. The more crowded the market becomes the less likely you are to get a great deal. 

Dar fish Market
If you love fresh fish, head on down to the Dar fish Market and bid on the best catch-of-the-day. It opens around 06h30 in the morning and bustles with people from all over the city. Once the auction process gets underway you may have stiff competition, but if you want something don’t be afraid to go for it. No matter what you purchase it’s guaranteed to be delicious.  

Kanga Shopping on Uhuru Street
If you love brightly coloured fabrics then you need Kanga material in your life. Available in every colour and pattern imaginable, they make beautiful cushion covers, throws, hats, and clothes to name a few.  Catch a taxi to Uhuru Street and browse the stalls to find your perfect piece. Once again, bargain with the sellers, they enjoy it.

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