Fastjet’s top tips for business travel in Africa

By Nicolina Simoes and Candice de Beer

If you are a regular business traveller you probably know all the tips and tricks to enjoy an uneventful work trip. But how well versed are you in the benefits of travelling with fastjet? Where possible we aim to make business travel simpler and better. Whether your business travel is a day trip or a week-long trip, these are fastjet’s top tips for travelling in Africa.

Pack smart

We’ve compiled a list of a few handy packing tips for business men and women. These include but are not limited to:

  1. If you’re travelling with heels bubble wrap them to ensure the heel remains intact.

  2. To save space, place socks in shoes and (for men) belts into the collar of your work shirts

  3. If you’ll be working out during your trip, we advise placing your takkies in a plastic bag to avoid dirtying your clothes. Lightweight and quick-drying workout gear is perfect for those who’d still like to exercise but want to avoid carting around a massive luggage bag.


Pre-book a seat with extra legroom

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to work or catch a few winks while the person in front of you has reclined their seat into your lap. Pre-book a seat with extra legroom. Fastjet charges a small fee, but your comfort and general happiness is worth it. This can be arranged through the Manage My Booking portal. 


Charge up

When travelling in Africa we cannot guarantee that you’ll easily locate an outlet port for your mobile phone or laptop. We recommend that you ensure your electronic devices are fully charged, particularly if you have a long wait before catching your connecting flight.


Purchase an airport lounge membership

The benefits to owning a lounge membership include access to free Wi-Fi as well as shower facilities (perfect for overnight or long trips), quiet air-conditioned interiors, comfortable seating and much more. Airports in Africa are busy hubs and finding seating can be quite difficult. If you need to get work done or unwind after a stressful day of negotiating, do yourself a favour and find a business lounge.


Print your travel itinerary

For many, your life’s events are saved into the memory banks of your phone. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to have a printed copy of your travel itinerary and booking confirmation on you. As a business traveller you’ll no doubt be carrying your laptop with you, and these items can easily be stowed in your laptop bag.


Check in early

Business trips can be quite stressful. Your itinerary is most likely jam packed with meetings and site inspections at multiple locations over a short period. Its early mornings and late nights! Don’t add to your stress by arriving late at the airport. Get there early, check in when the queues are short, grab a seat in a travel lounge and relax. This gives you time to set up your laptop and get work done before your flight.


Pre-book Priority Boarding

Why waste time in a long queue when you can skip it! Time is money, and you want to make the most of yours. Pre-book fastjet’s Priority Boarding through the Manage My Booking portal.


Keep medication close at hand

If you’re an asthmatic or diabetic, for your own safety and comfort we advise that you carry your medication on you. Check out fastjet’s Guests with Medical Needs section for more information.



Whether you hit the hotel gym, workout in your room or take a walk and explore the city you’re staying in, get active! Exercise helps reduce stress and increase productivity – all beneficial for business travellers. Arrive home refreshed, not drained!


Fly fastjet

If you will be travelling to Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe on business, choose fastjet – the airline for everyone. We offer affordable fights and pay-as-you-travel extras, our staff are friendly and efficient, and our airline has recorded a 90% on-time performance for the first quarter of 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.