Fastjet’s top travel tips for 2019

Great travel experiences start with being prepared. To help you get ready for your fastjet flight and to get the most out of your travels, we’ve compiled a to-do list. Take a look.

Best deals on flights

The easiest way to get a great flight deal is to book in advance. If your travel dates are flexible, try using the monthly Low Fare Calendar. At a glance, you can see which months/days give you the best price. If it works for your schedule, start the booking process – it’s that easy.


Check your flight ticket

It’s always advisable to check your booking the night before you travel – if only to remind you of the departure time of your flight. It’s also a good idea to put a calendar reminder on your phone that warns you when it’s time to leave for the airport. 


Pack light or double-check our baggage rules

It’s important to make sure that your baggage doesn’t weigh more than the allowed 23 kg.  Anything weighing more than this will be charged at excess baggage rates – which can become quite costly. Avoid it by weighing your bag the night before you travel.


If there are must-have items that you simply can’t leave behind, pre-book an extra bag online using the Manage My Booking section.


  • If you book a FlexiFlyer fare, you can travel with two pieces of checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg each. You can also take one piece of hand baggage weighing 7 kg with you.
  • If you book a ValueFlyer fare, you can travel with one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg. You can also take one piece of hand baggage weighing 7 kg with you.
  • Both fare options allow you to add an additional piece of checked baggage of 23 kg for a small fee. Pre-book it online and pay up to 50% less than what you would at the airport.
  • You can also interchange an item of checked baggage for sports equipment or a musical instrument, as long as it does not exceed 23 kg.


For more information visit the Checked baggage section. 


It’s also advisable that you familiarise yourself with what can and cannot be transported in your checked baggage. Visit the Restricted Items & Dangerous Goods section of the site for more information.


Pre-book your preferred seat

As a FlexiFlyer, you’re entitled to book your preferred seat (either standard or extra legroom) in advance at no additional cost. There is a small fee for ValueFlyers, but it’s a worthwhile expense if you don’t want to take the chance of being seated in an aisle seat when you favour a window seat. You can use the Manage My Booking section on to pre-book. Alternatively, you can select your preferred seat during the booking process.


Charge up before your flight

It’s always good practice to charge up your electronic devices before setting off on your travels. If you need to stay connected for business purposes, to arrange transport or to let loved ones know you’ve arrived safely, the last thing you want is to discover your laptop, phone or tablet battery is dead. While you can always befriend a fellow traveller to help you out, save yourself the hassle and fully charge all those batteries before you leave.


Arrive early to check in

Traffic flow and airport queues can be unpredictable. Some days you’ll arrive with plenty of time to spare and breeze through check in. On other days, you’ll be stuck in the worst-ever traffic jam, nervously chewing on your nails and wondering if you’re about to miss your flight. Rather play safe and plan to arrive much earlier than the check-in deadline, giving you time to relax. We’re not just suggesting one hour early, rather make it two to be safe.


Lock your bag or get it wrapped at the airport

To avoid unpleasant surprises, all fastjet travellers should lock their bags. You can also arrange to have your bags sealed at a baggage wrap station in any of the airports that we fly to. It doesn’t cost much, but it does ensure your peace-of-mind. 


Request a fragile sticker

If you are carrying anything breakable in your checked baggage, ask the fastjet staff member assisting you at the check-in counter for a fragile sticker. This can be placed on your bag as an alert to airport baggage handlers. To be safe, rather carry fragile items in your hand baggage.


Double-check the boarding times on your ticket

It should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many Guests check in timeously then miss the flight because they were late to the boarding gate! This can be frustrating for both Guests and those on-board as they have to wait for the late arrival’s baggage to be removed from the plane, which can take time. Avoid disappointment and be early. Make sure you arrive at the boarding gate before the suggested boarding time: we advise at least 40 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure time.


Happy travels!


For more information about fastjet routes, take a look at fastjet's route map. Once you know where you’d like to travel to, book your flight here.