In March we introduced a range of flexible options across all our fare options, that provided customers with choice, flexibility and value with unplanned personal changes to their travel plans. We are pleased to share with you the introductory offer which excludes any fees and charges has now been extended until 30 November 2021.

Our “GoEarlier” value service provides customers who arrive at the airport in time for a preceding flight to register to travel on the earlier flight. Before check-in finalises, subject to availability, they will be accommodated on the flight. In contrast, our “GoLater” offering affords customers who arrive late with a new offer to register for standby for a later flight up to 72 hours from the original date/time of travel. Both offers are subject to space available on the selected flights. These exclusive options are offered on the day of travel (only) at the departure airport The GoFirm, offered with a nominal fee is still a Firm favourite, terms and conditions apply. For more details on our Flexi-Go products click here.

The no fee Flexible Booking Change Policy introduced at the start of the pandemic continues to contribute towards the valuable flexible options we offer our customers. This offer with no fees and charges is further extended until 30 November 2021 allowing customers with new and existing fully paid bookings the opportunity to change their travel plans up to and including 30 November 2021, with peace of mind.  All we require to change a booking is a minimum of 48 hours’ notice ahead of the new preferred travel date. Within 48 hours of the original planned flight, and for changes to an earlier flight or earlier travel date, the standard fare rule shall apply.

Our Flexible product attributes are available irrespective of the fare choice selected by our customers. Terms and Conditions may apply. For more details on our Flexible Booking Change Policy click here.