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Kenneth Kaunda International Airport welcomes you

Take off with fastjet from Robert Mugabe International Airport, Harare, and touch down an hour later at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, just outside Lusaka. Named after Zambia’s first president, this airport plays host to two million passengers each year. Pick your ideal rental car and get ready to explore Lusaka and its surrounds.


The City of Lusaka embraces you

500 km to the northeast of Victoria Falls rests Lusaka, the enchanting capital of Zambia. Having earned its name from a Nyanja chief called Lusaaka in the early 20th century, it is Zambia’s largest city. Located at the edge of bushveld, it’s an ideal place from which to launch safaris and tours.


Hotel Intercontinental Lusaka – Zambian hospitality at its best

Check in to the friendly hotel Intercontinental Lusaka and you’ll soon discover that you won’t want to leave. Indulge in the comfort of this hotel. Enjoy Zambian hospitality – they love to spoil. If you’re travelling for business, this venue offers excellent conference facilities. After a busy day exploring the city, come ‘home’ and take a relaxing stroll through the manicured gardens and rolling lawns.


Visit the Soweto market, and experience Zambian culture

Although named after Soweto in South Africa, the Soweto market is in fact found in Lusaka. It is the largest and most well-known of all Lusaka’s markets. Here you’ll find anything from vegetable stalls to car parts. Zambians are incredibly welcoming, and they love to barter, so get ready for a thrilling session of haggling in the thick of the marketplace. Even though it is a potpourri of all Zambian tribes and languages, the local customs are easily understood.


Explore the Kabwata Cultural Village

More geared towards the tourist, Kabwata Cultural Village, southeast of the city centre, is a must for anyone to visit. There you can delight in tribal crafts and traditional wares displayed in thatched stalls. Drums, baskets, and masks galore are waiting to be purchased as presents or welcome additions to any home.


Relax at the Chaminuka Game Reserve

Discover Zambian wildlife. Visit Chaminuka Game Reserve, only 45 minutes from central Lusaka. Listen out for roaring lions and laughing hyenas. With 10,000 acres of untouched Miombo woodland and savannah to explore, it’s the adventure of a lifetime. Now and then, from the nearby lake, you may hear the plaintive cry of a fish eagle, interrupting the tranquillity of the bush.


Admire the Cathedral of The Holy Cross’ architecture

If you like visiting churches, then this particular Anglican Church (built in 1962 and looking across Lusaka) will interest you. The inspiring architecture reminds one of the 1950s.


Did you know?

The church community is considered by many to be a key role player in spiritually guiding the country. In fact, ten years ago, former President Rupiah Banda ordered the church to be refurbished. This was to emphasise the community’s constructive, conciliatory role in nation problems.


Today, the city of Lusaka calls to you. As a discerning traveller, don’t miss this golden opportunity to interact with African culture at its best and to experience magnificent wildlife nearby.  

So, don’t wait. Book your flight now. Let fastjet spoil you on one of their cheap flights from Harare to Lusaka.

Make memories that never leave you.





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