Looking for a cheap flight from Harare to Dar es Salaam?

Start your holiday on board fastjet! Does your dream holiday involve mornings spent snorkelling in the crystal clear waters off Bongoyo- and Mbudya Island?  Afternoons spent haggling at the thriving Kariakoo Market? And evenings spent dancing at a concert on Coco Beach? Dar es Salaam has it all and more.

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Leaving from Robert Mugabe International Airport

Avoid the crowds and check in early at Harare’s Robert Mugabe International Airport.  Once on board, relax into your comfortable seat, page through fastjet Places Magazine, and let the cabin crew spoil you with delicious food and drinks. The flight to Dar es Salaam is a short three-and-a-half hours, and gives you plenty time to catch up on sleep or the latest fastjet news.  


Hello Dar es Salaam, the port of Tanzania  

Built on the eastern shore of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam has grown to be one of Africa’s most significant ports. The city is a magnet for millions of visitors each year. It’s a place where you can experience a potpourri of Arab, African, and European cultures. Spend your time steeped in the colourful history, lazing on dazzling beaches, and snapping pictures of the diverse wildlife.

Whether you’re on your way to Zanzibar or the Serengeti, Dar (or ‘House of Peace’ as it’s called in Arabic) welcomes you. You’ll leave rested and excited to share unforgettable memories with friends and family who missed out.


Book your stay at a grand hotel

Make the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel your home for a few days! Located on the shores of the Msasani Peninsula, and overlooking beautiful Msasani Bay, this four-star hotel more than lives up to its name. Enjoy sundowners on the terrace. Keep your camera close to you as it’s the perfect location to capture images of amazing sunsets over the Indian Ocean.


Go island hopping across Bongoyo and Mbudya

Book a day-trip to Bongoyo- or Mbudya Island. You can catch a lift on any of the daily dhow cruises to these popular islands. Grab your snorkel and goggles, and explore the surrounding ocean. The colourful marine life is spectacular. If you don’t particularly like snorkelling, you can take a stroll along the sugar-soft beach sand and search for pretty shells.


Relax under the shade of a banda

It can become really hot on Bongoyo Island. We suggest escaping the heat of the day to lie under the shade of a ‘banda’– a little hut which looks like a large, tall, thatched umbrella. For lunch, feast on a delicious whole-grilled Changu fish while overlooking the surf. When you need to cool off, take a refreshing dip into the sapphire water.


Explore Sharks’ Lagoon Cave

This is a real treat. Sharks’ Lagoon Cave derives its name from the many sharks which can be seen swimming in the area on a quest to find their favourite food – octopus. Whereas high tide is best for snorkelling, low tide offers a spectacular view of the cave.


Scuba diving at the Moto Shipwreck of Bongoyo

For the serious diving enthusiast, scuba diving at the Moto Shipwreck is an absolute must. Because it’s so shallow, you can explore every part of the wreck at leisure. If you’re into underwater photography, while the visibility of the water is good, capture spectacular pictures to frame and place on your walls at home.


Explore the Coral Gardens of Mbudya

If you love the sound of Bongoyo, you’ll adore Mbudya. The beach is far lovelier, there is more shade and you’ll see more marine life. Explore the pristine beauty of the Coral Gardens to the west of Mbudya, as well as reefs to the north of the island. Swimmers are not allowed to use flippers when snorkelling, ensuring the coral remains in a pristine condition. Remember, flippers can whip up fine sand that chokes coral polyps.


Bargains galore at the Kariakoo Market

Now, back to the mainland. If you are looking for some of the best bargains, Dar es Salaam’s busiest market, the Kariakoo, won’t disappoint. The market spans several city blocks with food, trinkets, clothing and much more on offer. It’s here that you’ll find the locals shopping Tanzanian-style.


End your stay with a visit to Coco Beach

Complete your visit by taking a peek at Coco Beach. It’s just around the corner from the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel. Also known as Oyster Bay, it is a hotspot for Tanzanians looking to have fun over the weekend. Pop in and look forward to live music and plenty street food stalls to purchase tasty eats from.

So now that you’ve read about all the exciting things to do, plan your holiday. Take to African skies with Africa’s leading low-cost airline. Having already carried over 2.5 million travellers, of which 80% are repeat flyers, you are in good hands. Friendly service, an easy booking system and affordable fares are what you can look forward too.


What are you waiting for?

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