MSC Musica reaches South African shores in 2018/19

The MSC Musica will arrive on South African shores for her inaugural season in South Africa in 2018/19. She is the biggest MSC ship to have embarked on SA’s shores - offering its passengers more balcony cabins, swimming pools, activities, a greater choice of restaurants, foods and designer venues unlike anything you’d have seen before!

The Musica not only launched a new class of ecological cruise ship, she distinguished a new class of cruise lining - a spacious world of graceful lines and superlative on-board options, all accentuated by the creativity, fine materials and attention to detail that have always been associated with the MSC brand.


But wait until you're inside!

Your perspective changes once you enter this beautiful MSC masterpiece. From the moment, you step on board everything you once thought it would be becomes something you never imagined. From the central foyer’s three-tier waterfall to its transparent piano stationed on a crystal floor just above a glistening swimming pool and their elegantly designed venues happen to be equally jaw dropping.

And like all MSC offerings their cuisine is something to boast about; each menu item is freshly prepared in the traditional manner from a range of the finest ingredients. Passengers can indulge on delicious Italian specialities at Il Giardino such as a tasty array of authentic Italian pizzas or for the more explorative palate one can visit the Kaito Sushi Bar for some uniquely designed bitesize dishes.


An assortment of entertainment ensures that you can bring your kids with you

The MSC also offers enjoyment for the whole family- kids can take advantage of the special offers, typical of MSC’s Mediterranean way of life- such as indoor and outdoor play amenities, a pool of their own and separate Kids and Teens Clubs to keep their vibrant social lives afloat.

Whether you’re dancing to the sounds of the band in the dazzling Crystal Lounge, reclining in the stylish Havana Club cigar lounge, treating yourself to a wine tasting, gaming in the Sanremo Casino or simply entertaining yourself to a superb live show in the La Scala Theatre; the MSC Musica is certainly the one cruise where all inhibitions get left behind.