Pregnant? We’re expecting you!

By Candice de Beer

Whether you are newly pregnant or six weeks from giving birth, fastjet has compiled a list of top tips to make your flight across African skies as comfortable as can be.

Pre-book an aisle seat

This is a particularly good idea if you’re quite far along in your pregnancy. As it is, you’re probably uncomfortable and don’t enjoy feeling confined. By booking an aisle seat you can easily get up and go to the bathroom, stretch your legs and (most importantly) avoid having to ask the person seated next to you to stand up so that you can get out of your aisle.

For safety reasons fastjet does not allow pregnant Guests to sit in emergency exit seats. It might make for a fabulous story, but we really don’t want you attempting to open our aircraft doors!


Place the seat belt below your belly

Silly as it sounds, but placing the seatbelt over your stomach can be incredibly uncomfortable. So position it below your precious bump.


Move while you’re on the plane

Although your expanding belly makes it slightly more tricky to squeeze between the seats, staying seated for the duration of your fight is not good for circulation. Get up and get moving. Walk the length of the aircraft and rotate your feet in a circular motion while seated. This can prevent swelling in ankles and limbs cramping.


Drink plenty of fluids

It’s so important to stay hydrated on an aircraft. You can bring a 100 ml bottle of water on the plane with you. Alternatively our lovely flight crew have a selection of beverages which you can purchase during your flight. These really are inexpensive and they save you having to carry around additional weight in your handbag, so bring cash with you and keep sipping.


Get your doctor’s okay to fly

The safety of you and your unborn baby is a priority. To avoid unnecessary incidents, we require that (from 28 weeks pregnant) you bring a letter from your doctor or midwife stating that you are fit for flying. You may fly up until your 35th week of pregnancy if you are carrying one child, and 32nd week if you are carrying twins, but thereafter, you will need to stay grounded. 


For more information about travelling with fastjet as an expectant mother visit our Travelling while pregnant section. Alternatively, contact our Call Centre. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

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