Take a cheap flight from Maputo to Beira. Here’s why

Why should you consider a cheap flight from Maputo to Beira? Tantalizing Mozambique is inviting you to come and experience the beauty of Beira, the country’s second-largest city. Fastjet’s cheap flights from Maputo to Beira place this vibrant city and port within your reach. Why not seize this golden opportunity and let fastjet give you memories to last a lifetime?

Flying from Maputo International Airport

After a late breakfast and convenient shuttle from the Hotel Tivoli Maputo to Maputo International Airport, we were raring to get on our 11h30 fastjet flight to Beira. The airport, which can take nearly a million passengers per year since its upgrade, was bustling with activity to say the least. Checking in with fastjet was both fast and easy, however, and it wasn’t long before we were on board and ready for our adventure.


The flight to Beira

Midway to Beira, we flew near Parque Nacional de Banhine, or Banhine National Park. Founded in 1973, the park covers 7,250 square km and is home to endangered wattled cranes, many migratory birds and healthy populations of ostrich, kudu, impala, reedbuck, duiker and other game. Predators such as leopards, lions, servals, spotted hyenas and even cheetahs can also be found in the park.

My ears then began to tell me that the plane had begun its descent and, about 15 minutes later, the plane skirted past the eastern border of another game reserve called Parque Nacional de Zinave, or Zinave National Park. This park is 4,080 square km, and is well known for its giraffe.

After circling over Beira, then gently landing at Beira International Airport, the rest of our adventure began.


Beira International Airport

With an elevation of only 8 m, the airport is really close to sea level. It was built in the 1960s and upgraded in 2007. From the airport, we drove our rental car to the Hotel Tivoli Beira, a kilometre east of the River Chiveve and also just a few minutes’ walk from the nearest beach. After freshening up, we left for the sights and highlights of Beira and its surrounds.


Bustling Beira

Beira, the second-largest city in Mozambique, is situated at the mouth of the Pungwe River where it flows into the Indian Ocean. It’s a well-known port and a major strategic gateway for trade with countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. The Portuguese Mozambique Company originally developed Beira, but it became a port city under the control of the Portuguese colonial government from 1947 until 1975, when Mozambique achieved independence from Portugal. 


Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral

Enjoy the experience of walking inside this small cathedral, which was built in 1900. The foundation stones of the altar and nave were sourced from the old fort (Sao Caetano)I n Sofala, which was built in 1505. Called the Catedral Metropolitana de Nossa Senhora do Rosário or the Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, it displays a striking Gothic style, and was inaugurated in 1925.


Historic railway station

Visiting Beira’s historic railway station will take you back in time. It’s a grand, old building, built during 1912 when the Sena railway line connecting Zimbabwe and Malawi was constructed. If only the walls of the station could speak, and tell you of all the people from all walks of life who have passed through its doors …


The port of Beira

Do try to make time to explore the old section of the port, where a ship graveyard is situated on the banks of the Pungwe River.  If you crave the smells, sights and sounds of any ocean-going vessel while it’s berthed in port, enquire from your local hotel if it is possible to visit the main docks.


Makuti Beach Lighthouse

Make a point of viewing this amazing lighthouse. Built in 1904, it stands sentinel over a beach and a shipwreck, which is still rusting away to this day. The beach is idyllic, with the warm Indian Ocean to whet your appetite for a lovely swim.

Beira and all it has to offer is beckoning you and your family and friends to come and visit. Fortunately, these views and sights can be yours to enjoy thanks to fastjet’s cheap flights. Don’t miss out on an amazing taste of the Mozambican way of life.

There are so many reasons to book your flight from Maputo to Beira today. Discover more of what amazing experiences Mozambique has to offer. Find out more about Tete and Nampula.