When in Joburg, here's what you need to see

Johannesburg should be on everyone’s list of must-see destinations. Nicknamed the City of Gold (for the gold once found beneath its surface) it is a city that sparkles come sunset. Visitors soon discover that it is very much a gold mine of friendly people and colourful landscapes. And the upbeat rhythm of the city will have you eager to uncover every nook and cranny. To help you on your way, here are our unmissable places to see.

Rosebank: Keyes Art Mile

Rosebank is a hub of wildly differing people. Located near Johannesburg’s cosmopolitan suburb, it easily caters to the needs of businessmen, families and couples. The hustle and bustle of the mall offers entertainment, shopping and dining. However, the real gems can be found in its imminent surroundings – one of which is Keyes Art Mile.

Things to do and see include:

  • an outing to Circa Gallery,  SMAC Gallery and WhatIfTheWorld Gallery

  • shopping at Shelflife  and Southern Guild, and

  • dining at Marble Restaurant & Skyline Bar

Don’t miss out on the very popular First Thursdays event, it happens (as you can imagine) on the first Thursday of every month and promises to be delightful.


Braamfontein: cityscape & landmarks

Braamfontein is a historically and socially vibrant part of Johannesburg’s Central Business District (CBD). Since its recent urban renewal, it is now a thriving inner-city district, with an abundance of both new and historical landmarks and social settings. Located on the western front of the CBD it offers everything from historical explorations to modern entertainment.

Things to do and see include:

  • a visit to Constitutional Hill

  • catching a show at the civic theatre

  • walking the Nelson Mandela Bridge

  • enjoying the sounds of the Orbit Jazz Lounge, and

  • dining at Daleahs Eatery, Post and Father Coffee.

There is also the wildly popular Neighbourgoods Market. This happens every Saturday and features live music, niche cuisine and stores selling a variety of colourful clothing, all within walking distance from each other. It definitely fulfils any traveller’s checklist.


Maboneng: market & art culture

Maboneng, like Braamfontein, is an urban renewal project which is currently undergo. It differs in that its design is deeply rooted in local culture – evident in the proliferation of localised businesses. It is the perfect destination for families, couples or travellers looking for a unique perspective on modern day South Africa.

Things to do and see include:

  • a social outing to the Living Room

  • enjoying a viewing at the Pop Art theatre

  • exploring the Cosmopolitan Building and MOAD art gallery

  • catching a show at the Bioscope Independent Cinema

  • dining at Origin Coffee, Che Argentine Grill or Al Lado

And this is just a few things that you can look forward to. If you’re popping through on Sunday, a firm favourite is Market On Main – more than two thousand people explore its unique food, beverage and curio stalls over a weekend, so be prepared for a large crowd.


Sun City & Pilanesberg National Park

Sun City, known for its unique African design, offers tourists and locals an escape into a lost world.  Located a mere two hours from Johannesburg, it is an ideal setting for anyone looking to break away from the fast-paced city.  Here, you can relax and explore the great outdoors.  

And with Pilanesburg National Park just around the corner, it offers unmissable experiences.

Things to do and see include:

  • entertainment such as winning big in Sun City’s Casinos

  • outdoor adventures such as safari wildlife tours within Pilanesberg Park

  • fun, fun, fun at the Valley of Waves

  • exploring the maze of the lost city

  • visiting the Crocodile Farm

  • playing a round of golf at the Golf Estate

  • pamper yourself at a Spa, Health & Beauty

  • watching the latest blockbusters at the cinema, and

  • dining at Bocado, Crystal Court or Legends to name a few.

The list really is endless, making the two hour drive more than worthwhile.


The Cradle of Humankind: Maropeng

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is located on Johannesburg’s doorstep in the Maropeng district. Journey here and discover the birthplace of humanity! While here you must explore the Sterkfontein cave systems – previously used for Lime mining, it is now a tourism hotspot. Another must-see is the museum. Wander its corridors and you’ll find rooms filled with fossil species uncovered from within the underground caves – approximately one thousand are hominins (Human Ancestors).

Things to do and see include:

  • booking a wildlife tours

  • exploring the Sterkfontein Caves

  • visiting the Museum, and

  • dining at Tumulus or Market Place restaurant.

This is one of Johannesburg’s most-prized landmarks, showcasing the history of not only the country but humanity as a whole. It is the perfect destination for tourists and locals to explore. You’ll leave forever changed and in wonder of you how we came to be.