Board Responsibilities

The Board of fastjet is responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and oversight of management of the Company.  Its primary focus is on strategy formulation, governance, policy and control.

The Board’s attention is highly focused and included matters such as key strategic decision making, the approval of the annual budget and significant capital expenditure. The Board also controls treasury policy, oversight on all Corporate Governance matters, internal control, audit and risk management, remuneration of the non-executive directors and executive management.

All matters that have a material impact upon the company or any of its subsidiaries will be referred to the Board. Click here for a schedule of matters reserved specifically for the decision of the Board or a duly authorised committee thereof.

The Chairman is responsible to the Board, in his primary role which is to lead the Board and ensure that it operates effectively, focusing on governance matters as a whole and corporate compliance. The Chairman is expected to be independent on appointment and is expected to remain independent throughout his tenure.

The Chief Executive's primary role is the day-to-day running of the Company's businesses and the development and implementation of strategy. The Chief Executive may make decisions in all matters affecting the operations, performance and strategy of the Group's businesses, with the exception of those matters reserved to the Board or specifically delegated by the Board to its committees or the boards of subsidiaries.

The roles of the Chairman and the Chief Executive are clearly defined and set out in writing and has been approved by the Board.

Board Members

Mark Hurst

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Hurst holds significant aviation experience with particular expertise in fleet management, aircraft sourcing and leasing as well as the development and implementation of operational efficiencies throughout the aviation value chain.

He is highly regarded in the African aerospace sector for his track record in operational integrity, ability to develop strategic operations in challenging environments and value and supply chain management. Mr. Hurst continues to serve as Group CEO of Acia Aero Capital Limited.

Kris Jaganah

Chief Financial Officer

Kris Jaganah has been appointed as Group Chief Financial Officer in March 2019 after having been seconded to the group in October 2018. Kris Jaganah brings several years of experience from the financial services, pharmaceutical and aviation industries. During the last 10 years prior to his appointment at Fastjet he held the following roles:

  • Chief Financial Officer – Acia Aero Capital Limited
  • Senior Group Finance Manager – African Alliance Holdings Limited
  • Head of Financial Planning & Analysis – Aspen Global Incorporated
  • Head of back office operations – Superfund Advisory

He has a history of driving operational efficiencies across all functions and ensuring organisational goals are measured within all companies he has been involved.

Kris Jaganah is a qualified Chartered Certified accountant.

Rashid Wally

Non-Executive Chairman

Rashid Wally was appointed as Non-Executive Chairman with effect from 1 April 2017. Mr Wally was previously the Chairman and member of the Audit Committee of South African low-cost carrier Mango Airlines (SOC) Ltd.

In addition to his airline experience, Mr Wally has a track record spanning over 38 years in the information technology sector having held various senior executive positions with IBM in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Lenovo in Africa.

He is highly regarded for his corporate turnaround experience, having successfully completed many restructuring projects in his previous roles. Mr Wally also has significant corporate governance expertise which will benefit fastjet as it continues to expand and develop.

Robert Burnham

Non-Executive Director

Robert Burnham has been a non-executive director of the Company since May 2006. Rob has held a variety of executive director and senior management positions in a number of listed companies both in the UK and USA.

He has undertaken lead roles in substantial merger and acquisition transactions and, as Chairman, led a flotation on the London AIM market. He currently operates as a Management Consultant advising businesses on building enterprise value through profitable growth and staff professional development.