These Terms and Conditions of Carriage apply to flights operated by fastjet Zimbabwe Ltd and fastjet Mozambique Limitada, trading as “fastjet” (hereinafter referred to as “fastjet”).

All travel with fastjet is subject to these Terms and Conditions, as updated and amended from time to time. 




1.1.1 As You read these Terms and Conditions, please note that:

  1. We, Our, Ourselves, Us and fastjet means fastjet Zimbabwe Ltd and fastjet Mozambique Limitada.

  2. "You", "Your", "Yourself" and “Guest” means you and each member of your booking party carried or to be carried in an aircraft operated by or on behalf of Us pursuant to a Ticket.

  3. Airline Designator Code means the two-characters, or three letters published by IATA from time to time which identify each airline.

  4. Article means an Article in the fastjet’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

  5. Authorised Agent means a passenger sales agent who has been formally appointed by Us to represent Us in the sale of air transportation on flights operated by Us.

  6. Baggage means the property accompanying You in connection with Your trip. Unless otherwise specified, it consists of both Your Cabin Baggage and Your Checked Baggage. Baggage must at all times comply with the requirements of fastjet and/or applicable laws and regulations from time to time, including as regards size, weight and content.

  7. Baggage Receipt means those portions of the Ticket, which relate to the carriage of Your Checked Baggage. 

  8. Baggage Identification Tag means a document issued by Us solely for identification of Checked Baggage.

  9. Booking means a booking made by You or on Your behalf for the purchase of travel on a flight operated by or on behalf of Us and which is accepted by Us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

  10. Boarding means the process of entering onto the aircraft, starting with the first passenger entering the aircraft and ending with the seating of the last passenger who has received a boarding pass before the Check-In Deadline and the closure of the aircraft doors, and “Board”, “Boards” and “Boarded” will have a corresponding meaning.

  11. Cabin Baggage means Baggage which is equivalent to hand luggage and includes all personal items taken on board by a Guest that is not Checked Baggage. Such Cabin Baggage may be referred to as “Unchecked Baggage”, “Hand Baggage” or “Carry-on Baggage”, and refers to any of Your Baggage other than Checked Baggage.

  12. Checked Baggage means Baggage of which We take custody at check-in, which is, for the duration of the flight, stowed in the hold of the aircraft and for which We have issued a Baggage Receipt and Baggage Identification Tag.

  13. Check-In Deadline means the time limit specified by Us, being 40 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure, by which time You must have completed check-in formalities and received Your boarding pass.

  14. Codeshare means a commercial arrangement between Us and another airline whereby seats are sold on flights operated by each airline, with Us and the other airline using their own flight number.

  15. Conditions of Contract means those statements contained in or delivered with Your Ticket or Itinerary/Receipt, identified as such and which incorporate by reference, these Terms and Conditions and other specified notices from time to time.

  16. Convention means whichever of the following instruments are applicable:

    1. The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw, 12 October 1929 (hereinafter referred to as the Warsaw Convention)

    2. The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague on 28 September 1955

    3. The Warsaw Convention as amended by Additional Protocol No. 1 of Montreal (1975)

    4. The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague and by Additional Protocol No. 2 of Montreal (1975)

    5. The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague and by Additional Protocol No. 4 of Montreal (1975)

    6. Guadalajara supplementary Convention (1961) (Guadalajara)

    7. The Montreal Convention (1999), formally known as the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air.

  17. Damage includes death, bodily injury to a Passenger, delay, loss, partial loss or other, including damage to Baggage, arising out of or in connection with carriage or other services incidental thereto and “Damaged” shall have a corresponding meaning as the context may indicate;

  18. Days mean calendar days, including all seven days of the week; provided that, for the purpose of notification, the day upon which notice is dispatched shall not be counted; and further provided further that for purposes of determining duration of validity of a Ticket, the day upon which the Ticket is issued, or the flight commenced shall not be counted. 

  19. Electronic Coupon means an electronic flight coupon or other value document held in Our database.

  20. Electronic Ticket means the Itinerary/Receipt issued by Us or on Our behalf, including the Electronic Coupon and, if applicable, a boarding document We have issued to You.

  21. Extraordinary Circumstances means circumstances beyond Our reasonable control, whether foreseeable or not, which prevents Us from performing Our services. These circumstances, without limitation include, acts of God, meteorological events such as storms, rain, wind, fog, flooding, heat, earthquakes, haze, cyclones or volcanic eruption and unexpected flight safety shortcomings. It also includes without limitations government actions, disturbances or potentially volatile international conditions, civil unrests, terrorist and security alerts, riots, embargoes, wars or hostilities - whether actual, threatened or reported, strike action, work stoppage, slowdown, lockout or any other labour related disputes involving or affecting our service, mechanical difficulties, Air Traffic Control, the inability to obtain fuel, airport gates, labour or landing facilities for the flight in question or any fact not reasonably foreseen, anticipated or predicted by the airline or any other causes, circumstances or contingencies beyond Our control which hinder or prevent the performance by Us  and Our obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

  22. fastjet Group means fastjet Plc and its direct and indirect subsidiaries from time to time.

  23. Fees and Charges (or fees and charges) means the fees and charges charged by fastjet from time to time, as available on its Website or upon request.

  24. Firearms means any firearm other than a Hand Gun.

  25. Flight means a single flight operated by Us from one airport to another airport.

  26. Flight Coupon means that portion of the Ticket that bears the notation "good for passage," or in the case of an Electronic Ticket, the Electronic Coupon, and indicates the particular places between which You are entitled to be carried.

  27. Guardian means a person lawfully invested with the power, and charged with the obligation, of taking care of and managing the property and rights of a person who, because of age, understanding, or self-control, is considered incapable of administering his or her own affairs.

  28. Hand Gun means a firearm that is designed to be held and fired with one hand, having a barrel length no longer than 120mm and a calibre no greater than 0.32 and which, subject to any applicable laws or airport, aviation authority, security or other regulations, We determine, in Our absolute discretion, may be stowed securely and safely in the aircraft hold in accordance with our directions and policies from time to time. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions “ammunition” shall at all times refer only to ammunition in respect of Hand Guns of which carriage is permitted under these Terms and Conditions.

  29. Hold Period means the time period during which the full payment in respect of a booking must be made in order to avoid the cancellation of such booking, and ensure confirmation thereof as a Booking, as made available to You at the time of making Your Booking, or which is available on Our Website or upon request.

  30. IATA means the International Air Transport Association.

  31. Infant means any child that is over the age of 14 days but has not yet reached their second birthday.

  32. Itinerary/Receipt means a document or documents We issue to You or any member of Your booking party travelling on Electronic Tickets that contain(s) such person's name, flight information and notices.

  33. Local Laws means the relevant Civil Aviation regulations and any other related laws of Zimbabwe or Mozambique as may be amended from time to time, as relevant to the airline providing carriage.

  34. Medical Information Form means the medical information form which can be obtained from fastjet and which must be completed in certain circumstances prior to your flight, as set out in these Terms and Conditions and/or Our applicable policies and requirements.

  35. Piece Concept, unless otherwise specified fastjet applies a Piece Baggage concept. Under the Piece Concept, passengers are permitted to check in a prescribed number of bags with a prescribed per-bag dimension (81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth)) and weight of 23kg for Economy Class. Should a checked bag exceed the prescribed individual limitations excess charges will apply. No piece baggage must exceed 32kg.

  36. SDR means a Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund. The rate of conversion may fluctuate and is shown on the IMF website at;

  37. State Parties means the State Parties to the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, done at Montreal on 28th May, 1999;

  38. Supplier means a third-party supplier offering services through Us.

  39. Tariff means the fares, charges and related terms and conditions published by Us and which have been filed, where applicable, with the appropriate authorities.

  40. Terms and Conditions means these terms and conditions of carriage, as updated and amended from time to time.

  41. Ticket means the document entitled "Guest Ticket and Baggage Check", the Electronic Ticket or the confirmation of flight details (including the Booking confirmation number), in each case issued by Us or by Our Authorised Agents on Our behalf, and includes the Conditions of Contract, notices and coupons.

  42. Website means any internet site owned or operated by Us where online reservations can be made.