10.1.1    Guests will enjoy the benefits of a prescribed Checked Baggage allowance in accordance with a Piece Concept. The applicable fare conditions and a prescribed maximum permitted number of pieces subject to aircraft type, weight and size restrictions will govern the allowance allocated per booked flight. More information can be obtained on Our Website or from Our call centre.  

10.1.2    Checked Baggage is any item that is, subject to compliance with Our policies, applicable laws, regulations and airport operators accepted by Us for carriage in the aircraft hold, which may include but not be limited to suitcase, and any mobility equipment such as, wheelchairs, mobility aid devices and walking frames. Oversized baggage is subject to separate fees, charges and restrictions. Sports and music equipment are included in the Checked Baggage allowance subject to our standard weight and dimensions restrictions per piece of Checked Baggage.

10.1.3    In order for Baggage to qualify as Cabin Baggage, the item must adhere to our requirements and these Terms and Conditions, failing which the item will need to be checked in as Checked Baggage.  

10.1.4    You will be required to pay an excess charge for the carriage of checked baggage in excess of a prescribed Checked Baggage allowance.  The baggage fee for an excess piece of Checked Baggage is lower if pre-booked online or purchased via Our call centre or Our Authorised Agents than if You purchase Checked Baggage at the airport on the day of departure. If You wish to add an excess piece of Checked Baggage to Your Booking after Your Booking has been made, You may do so online on Our Website through the “Manage My Booking” function, through the fastjet call centre or Our Authorised Agents up to sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled departure of Your flight at the applicable online rate for Checked Baggage. 

10.1.5    Baby strollers/prams, wheelchairs, mobility aid devices and walking frames are carried free of charge.

10.1.6    The weight allowance can be increased up to a maximum of 32kg by payment of an excess weight fee per kilogram, as set out in our Fees and Charges.  Excess charges will be applied per bag that exceeds the prescribed weight allowance and prescribed dimensions. Pooling of baggage weight will not be permitted.

10.1.7    Specific payload restrictions are applicable to certain aircraft, and fastjet will not be able to accommodate Checked Baggage in excess of Your permitted allowance. In such instances, You will not be permitted to utilise the excess allowance options permitted for Your fare option. Contact Our call centre for more information.  

10.1.8    If You wish to purchase the right to carry more than Your permitted Checked Baggage You may do so in accordance with Our excess baggage conditions application for the fare option, you have selected. Contact the Call Centre for the prescribed maximum pieces of baggage permitted.   Checked Baggage allowance may be used for a bag, sporting equipment or a musical equipment. 

10.1.9    Pre-paid Excess Checked Baggage fees are non-refundable if unused.

10.1.10    For health and safety reasons We cannot accept any individual item of Checked Baggage exceeding 32kg or with combined dimensions of more than 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth). 

10.1.11    Sporting and music equipment are included in the standard baggage allowance. Items of oversized Baggage including sports and music equipment are subject to excess baggage charges. In such circumstances a fee is charged for the carriage of each item per flight. The applicable charges and weight allowances are set out in Our Fees and Charges.. The weight allowance can be increased up to a maximum of 32kg by payment of an excess weight fee per kilogram, as set out in our Fees and Charges schedule.

10.1.12    Baggage exceeding these limitations will be accepted as Checked Baggage and if the Baggage dimension (81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth) and weight allowance (23kg) is exceeded; excess charge fees shall apply as set out in Our Fees and Charges schedule.  




10.2.1    We offer a Piece Baggage concept, however the standard Checked Baggage weight restriction per single piece/bag is 23kg with a prescribed dimension of 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth) will apply. 

10.2.2    If Your Checked Baggage item(s) exceed the weight restriction of 23kg the weight allowance can be increased by payment of an excess weight fee per kilogram per bag. There is a maximum weight restriction of 32kg per single piece of Checked Baggage, due to health and safety restrictions. The applicable excess weight charge per single piece is set out in Our Fees and Charges schedule.  Similarly, if your checked baggage item exceeds the prescribed dimension, an excess charge will apply.

10.2.3    Members of a group and a family travelling together showing on the same Booking, may pool their baggage allowance up to the equivalent of the total pieces (only). Guests who are not showing together on the same Booking, cannot pool their Checked Baggage. The standard excess charges per piece and excess baggage rate per kilogram and dimension will apply.




10.3.1    You must not include in Your Baggage:

(i)    items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations, or in Our policies or regulations (further information is available from Us on request);
(ii)    items the carriage of which is prohibited by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state to be flown from or to;
(iii)    items (including but not limited to Firearms) which are reasonably considered by Us to be unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous, unsafe or by reason of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or perishable having regard to, among other things, the type of aircraft being used. Information about unacceptable items is available upon request;
(iv)    money, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, photographic equipment, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples, or any items which are of high value, are fragile or are irreplaceable.

10.3.2    Domestic knives and similar items may be accepted as Checked Baggage, at Our sole and absolute discretion, but will not be permitted in the cabin of the aircraft. Such items must be declared at check-in. 

10.3.3    If, despite being prohibited, any items referred to in Article 10.3.1 or any Hand Gun(s) and/or ammunition which We have refused to carry are included in Your Baggage, We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such items.

10.3.4    The carriage of any small vehicles powered by lithium batteries, such as air wheels, solo wheels, balance wheels, hoverboards or mini Segways, as Baggage are prohibited. 

10.3.5    You must not include in your Checked Baggage fragile or perishable items of any kind whatsoever. These include cut flowers, plants, foods, untreated animal skins or hides, personal medication, whole blood, and blood cells and similar articles requiring maintenance at specific temperatures, fragile musical instruments, artwork (these include pictures, drawings, models, souvenirs, other art objects, curios and similar articles), perfumes and fragrances, money, credit cards, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, cellular telephones, and/or photographic equipment. Photographic equipment includes all cameras including, but not limited to photoflash equipment, photometers, spectroscopes, phototubes, and/or other similar devices that use sensitive tubes or plates and film (still or movie), exposed or unexposed, as well as all related attachments or accessories, precision instruments (this includes microscopes, oscilloscopes, meters, counters, polygraphs, electrographs, medical equipment and similar articles), audio and video equipment including, but not limited to, televisions, radios, iPods, GPS equipment, stereo equipment, VCR players, VCR recorders and their accessories, typewriters, hairdryers, sewing machines, specialized equipment, and similar articles, ceramics/chinaware/glass (this includes pots, statues, bowls, dishes, glasses or other containers made of clay hardened by heat, earthenware, crockery, and containers or ornaments made of porcelain or baked clay; and items made of or containing glass and similar articles), negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents and house and car keys, or samples. Liquid transported in any container is considered fragile.

10.3.6    Recreational items, which includes tents of any description, backpacks, sleeping bags, and knapsacks made of plastic, vinyl, or other easily torn material with or without metal frames, outside pockets, or protruding straps and buckles and other sporting or recreational items not contained in a rigid heavy case will only be accepted for carriage by fastjet at the sole risk of the Guest. The act of handing such duly identified items of baggage over to fastjet (or its agents) indemnifies Us against any subsequent claim for alleged damage to and/or pilferage from such item or its contents.




10.4.1    Subject to the provisions of Articles 10.3.1 and 10.3.2, We will refuse to carry as Baggage the items described in Article 10.3, and We may refuse further carriage of any such items upon discovery.

10.4.2    We may refuse to carry as Baggage any item reasonably considered by Us to be unsuitable for carriage because of its size, shape, weight, content, character, or for safety or operational reasons, or the comfort of other customers.

10.4.3    In addition to these Terms and Conditions, it is Your responsibility to familiarise Yourself with fastjet’s policies and requirements in respect of unacceptable items, which are available on Our Website or upon request. 

10.4.4    We may refuse to accept Baggage for carriage unless it is in Our reasonable opinion properly and securely packed in suitable containers. Information about packing and containers unacceptable to Us is available upon request.




10.5.1    For reasons of safety and security We may request that You permit a search and scan of Your person and a search, scan or x-ray of Your Baggage. If You are not available, Your Baggage may be searched in Your absence for the purpose of determining whether You are in possession of or whether Your Baggage contains any item described in Article 10.3 or any Firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind whatsoever. If You are unwilling to comply with such request, We may refuse to carry You and Your Baggage. In such an event, Your Booking will be cancelled, and You will not be entitled to a refund. In the event a scan causes damage to You or an x-ray or scan causes damage to Your Baggage, We shall not be liable for such damage unless directly as a result of Our gross negligence or willful misconduct. 




10.6.1    Upon delivery to Us of Your Baggage which You wish to check in, We will take custody of, and issue a Baggage Identification Tag and Baggage Receipt for, each piece of your Checked Baggage. It is Your responsibility to retain such Baggage Receipt and to present same when so requested. Should You fail to present a Baggage Receipt in respect of the Baggage in question, fastjet will be entitled to charge You the applicable fees and charges in respect of checking-in of Checked Baggage, including those charges applicable to excess Baggage. Accordingly, it is Your sole responsibility to ensure that You are issued a receipt for each item of Your Checked Baggage when checking in.

10.6.2    Checked Baggage must have Your name or other personal identification affixed to it.

10.6.3    Checked Baggage will, whenever possible, be carried on the same aircraft as You, unless We decide for safety, security or operational reasons to carry it on an alternative flight. If Your Checked Baggage is carried on a subsequent flight We will deliver it to You, unless applicable law requires You to be present for customs clearance.

10.6.4    Collection and Delivery of Checked Baggage    Subject to Article 10.6.3, You are required to collect Your Checked Baggage as soon as it is made available at Your destination. Should You not collect it within a reasonable time, We may charge you a storage fee. Should Your Checked Baggage not be claimed within one month of the time it is made available, We may dispose of it without notice to You and without any liability to Us.    Only the bearer of the Baggage Receipt and Baggage Identification Tag, is entitled to take delivery of the Checked Baggage.    If the Guest claiming Checked Baggage is unable to produce the Baggage Receipt and identify the Baggage by means of the Baggage Identification Tag, We will deliver the Baggage to such Guest only on condition that he or she establishes to Our satisfaction his or her right to the Baggage.




10.7.1    Cabin Baggage may be referred to as hand baggage or cabin baggage and refers to any of Your Baggage other than Checked Baggage. Dimensions of Cabin Baggage may not exceed 55cm x 35cm x 20cm and may not weigh more than 7 kg. Each Guest is allowed one (1) piece of Cabin Baggage only. This ruling shall be rigidly enforced. A small handbag or personal item is permitted comprising of dimensions not exceeding 40cm x 30cm x 15cm and must be placed under the seat in front of Your seat. Adults with infants may also take a small bag containing immediate use items for the infant.

10.7.2    If your Baggage is in excess of the prescribed dimensions or weight, or is considered unsafe for any reason, it must be carried as Checked Baggage, and either be within Your allowance or carry additional charge according to Article 10.1 and 10.2. Should it be found that, at the time of Boarding, Your Cabin Baggage exceeds these limitations or is not tagged, fastjet shall deny Boarding of such Guest and the Booking will be forfeited without the Guest having any right to a refund. 

10.7.3    Objects not suitable for carriage in the aircraft hold (such as delicate musical instruments), and which do not meet the requirements in Article 10.3, will only be accepted for carriage in the cabin compartment if You have given Us notice in advance and permission has been granted by Us and subject to the payment of applicable charges. 


10.8    ANIMALS


10.8.1    Save as stated in Article 8.3 and on approved routes only, We will otherwise not accept any animals (dead or alive) for carriage within the cabin or hold.




10.9.1    fastjet may accept human remains in a coffin for carriage on domestic and international routes. Such carriage must be discussed and arranged in advance with our approved Cargo service provider (details of which can be provided upon request) by the funeral home which is caring for the deceased. 

10.9.2    The carriage of ashes is also permitted. A copy of both the death certificate and the cremation certificate (if applicable) must accompany them. The Guest in possession of the ashes must ensure they are securely packaged in an appropriate container and should include the ashes in their Cabin Baggage. We also advise that the handling agents be informed when checking in. 

10.9.3    Carriage of any other human parts or remains is not permitted.




10.10.1    Guests travelling with an infant or a young child are allowed to carry one baby stroller/pram per infant or child, free of charge. This item will need to be tagged at check-in and be taken from the Guest prior to Boarding to be placed safely in the hold. Upon arrival at the destination, the item may be collected from the carousel. Alternatively, Guests can check in the item at the check-in desk directly free of charge. For safety reasons no item may exceed 32kg.




10.11.1    Guests wishing to carry sports or music equipment will be permitted to include the items as part of the Checked Baggage allowance in accordance with the fare purchased. Sports equipment includes, but is not limited to, bicycles, golf bags, surfboards, wind and kite surfing equipment, fishing rods etc. Bicycles must be packed in a bicycle box. Bicycles without appropriate package will not be accepted. Musical instruments must be packaged in a hard carry case. Instruments without an appropriate hard case will not be accepted. Any item presented at Check-In that exceeds the prescribed weight and dimensions will be subject to excess Baggage Charges as set out in Our Fees and Charges schedule.


10.12    HANDGUNS 


10.12.1    If You want Us to carry any Hand Gun(s) and ammunition for such Hand Gun(s), You must notify the security staff at the airport before You check-in for the applicable flight. Security and police will complete the necessary checks and advise the fastjet staff if the Hand Gun qualifies for carriage on board aircraft.  If the necessary checks are not completed, We may, at Our sole and absolute discretion, refuse to carry such items.

10.12.2    Any Hand Gun(s) and ammunition for such Hand Gun(s) will only be carried in accordance with our policies, procedures and requirements from time to time, and will not be permitted in the aircraft Cabin. Only ammunition used for the accompanying Hand Gun will be allowed carriage. No other ammunition be will permitted

10.12.3    Unless otherwise directed by Us, all Hand Gun(s) carried on board aircraft must be unloaded, have the safety catch on and be suitably packed in a pouch and placed in the gun box in the aircraft hold, subject to completion of a firearms form. The Guest consents to the ground handling and/or security staff take control of such Hand Gun in order to ensure that it is placed in the gun box in the aircraft hold.

10.12.4    You must make sure You have all the valid legal documents You need for Hand Gun(s) and related ammunition to prove ownership and legal authority for the possession of the Hand Gun(s) and related ammunition.

10.12.5    Hand Guns and related ammunition are subject to police and other security formalities, such that You should check-in two (2) hours prior to the scheduled departure time of Your flight. Please contact the fastjet call centre for further information.

10.12.6    The maximum amount of ammunition permitted for carriage in the Checked Baggage may not exceed 5kgs per Guest travelling with a Hand Gun for which such ammunition is applicable. 

10.12.7    Rifles (including sporting rifles) and/or related ammunition are not permitted to be carried on fastjet flights.

10.12.8    Failure to comply with these terms may result in You being denied boarding and forfeiture of Your Booking with no refund to You.




10.13.1    The transportation of perishables such as fruit, vegetables or flowers is permitted on domestic flights within Zimbabwe as part of Guests' Checked Baggage allowance (up to 23kg) and available at the appropriate charge. Fresh produce and perishables are carried at the Guest’s own risk, and fastjet accepts no liability for the safe transport thereof, or that such goods will arrive at their destination in an unparished state, whether as a result of any delays or otherwise. Perishables will not be carried in the event that toxic insecticides have been used.