12. Schedules, Delays, Cancellation Of Flights

12.1 Schedules

12.1.1 The flight times published on Our website, communicated through Our call centre or through Our Authorised Agents may be subject to change between the date of publication and the date of departure. We do not guarantee such flight times to You and they do not form part of Your contract with Us. You are encouraged to check and confirm applicable schedules and flight times regularly prior to Your departure.

12.1.2 Before We accept Your Booking, We will use Our reasonable efforts to notify You of the scheduled flight time in effect as of that time, and it will be shown on Your Ticket or flight reservation. It is possible We may need to change the scheduled flight time and, provided that You have made available Your contact information to Us, We will endeavour to notify You of any such changes. If, after You purchase Your fastjet flight Ticket, We make a significant change to the scheduled flight time, which is not acceptable to You, and We are unable to book You on an alternate fastjet flight, which is acceptable to You, You will be entitled to a refund in accordance with Article 13.


12.2 Cancellation, Re-routing, Delays etc.

12.2.1 Re-routing is permitted and charged as set out in Our Fees and Charges, with difference in fares and taxes to be paid.

12.2.2 Should a Guest fail to check in timeously (or not at all), or present themselves timeously at the Boarding gate (or not at all), such a Guest will be regarded as a no-show Guest, in which event the Guest’s Ticket/Booking will be forfeited and the Guest will not be entitled to a refund in respect thereof. However, the taxes may be refunded and a refund taxes administration fee will apply in accordance with out then applicable fees and charges.

12.2.3 We will take commercially reasonable measures to avoid delays in carrying You and Your Baggage.

12.2.4 Except as otherwise provided by the Convention, if We cancel a flight, fail to operate a flight or, fail to stop at Your destination, We shall, at Your option and subject to Our Commercial Disruption Policy (which is available on Our Website or upon request), either:

  1. (a) carry You at the earliest opportunity on a flight operated by fastjet to Your scheduled destination, or where necessary, extend the validity of Your Booking; or
  2. (b) make a refund in accordance with the provisions of Article 13.

12.2.5 Upon the occurrence of any of the events set out in Article 12.2.4 and except as otherwise provided by the Convention, the options outlined in Article 12.2.4 are the sole and exclusive remedies available to You and We shall have no further liability to You resulting from or relating to a delay of Your flight.

12.2.6 In the event that we cancel Your flight, our sole liability to You will be a refund of Your Ticket price. This refund can be claimed by contacting the fastjet call centre and following the instructions provided.

12.2.7 If Your flight is cancelled as a result of Extraordinary Circumstances event which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable steps had been taken, You will not be entitled to compensation other than the right to cancel the flight and claim a refund or rebook an alternative date without additional fees.

12.2.8 Fastjet cannot accept responsibility for missed onward connections as a result of any delays to scheduled departure times should onward flights not be issued on the same Ticket/Booking.


12.3 Published Material

12.3.1 Except in the case of Our act or omission done with intent to cause damage or recklessly and with knowledge that damage would probably result, We shall not be liable for errors or omissions in timetables or other published material as to the dates or times of departure or arrival or as to the operation of any flight.