13.1 General

13.1.1 Subject to these Terms and Conditions, all Tickets/Bookings are non-refundable. Tickets/Bookings may be changed to an alternative flight at the same or higher fare subject to availability, the payment of a change fee and any difference in fare. Full details can be found in Our schedule of Fees and Charges. Please check the applicable fare rules prior to purchasing Your Ticket/Booking.


13.2 Failure To Provide Carriage

13.2.1 On failure by Us to provide carriage in certain circumstances in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, refund of the fare or applicable portion thereof shall be made by Us in accordance with this Article 13.

13.2.2 We shall be entitled to make a refund to the person who has paid for the Ticket/Booking only upon presentation of satisfactory proof of payment.  Such refund will be processed within 21 working days in accordance with Article 13.6.


13.3 Death

13.3.1 In the event of death of the Booked Guest a refund will be processed for the deceased. A certified copy of the death certificate must be submitted with refund request.


13.4 Hospitalisation

13.4.1 In the event of hospitalisation of a Booked Guest, a medical certificate must be submitted with refund request and a refund administration fee will be applied.


13.5 Cancellations And Delays

13.5.1 In the event that a fastjet flight is cancelled or delayed as a result of Force Majeure, Bookings will not be refunded.


13.6 Involuntary Refunds

13.6.1 If We cancel a flight or fail to stop at Your destination and no alternative flight is available, or if a refund is otherwise due to You under these Terms and Conditions, the amount of the refund shall be:

  1. if no portion of the Ticket has been used, an amount equal to the fare paid.
  2. if a portion of the Ticket has been used, the refund will be not less than the difference between the fare paid and the applicable fare for travel between the points for which the Ticket has been used.
  3. Subject to this Article 13, We shall not be liable for any other direct or indirect costs incurred by You as a result of such cancellation or missed destination. You are strongly advised to take out adequate travel insurance in respect of the travel You intend to take.

13.6.2 Applications for refunds must be made by contacting Our call centre and following the instructions provided.

13.6.3 We reserve the right to make a refund in the same manner and the same currency used to pay for the Ticket. For the avoidance of doubt if payment has been made using mobile money, then the refund will be administered as a mobile payment in the same currency that was originally transacted.