20. Interpretation

20.1    GENERAL


20.1.1    The title of each Article of these Terms and Conditions is for convenience only and is not to be used for interpretation of the text.

20.1.2    If We are required to pay any fine or penalty or to incur any expenditure by reason of Your failure to comply with laws, regulations, orders, demands or other travel requirements of the countries concerned or to produce any required documents, You shall reimburse Us on demand, any amount so paid or expenditure so incurred. You consent to Us applying towards such payment or expenditure the value of any unused carriage on Your Booking, or any of Your funds in Our possession.

20.1.3    As used in these terms "Terms and Conditions" means the airline’s individual terms and conditions of carriage and related rules, regulations and/or policies. Your contract of carriage with the airline providing you with carriage by air, whether international, domestic or a domestic portion of an international journey, is subject to the eTicket receipt/itinerary provisions and to the airline’s Terms and Conditions. If your carriage is by more than one airline, different Conditions may apply for each airline. The Conditions of each airline involved in your contract of carriage are, by this notice, incorporated by reference into and made part of your contract of carriage. The Conditions may include, but are not restricted to:    Rules and limits on the airline’s liability for the personal injury or death of passengers.    Rules and limits on the airline’s liability for the loss of, damage to or delay of goods and baggage, including fragile or perishable goods.    Rules for declaring a higher value for baggage together with payment of an additional charge.    Application of the airline’s Conditions and limits of liability to the acts of the carrier's agents, servants and representatives, including any person providing either equipment or services to the carrier.    Claims restrictions, including time limits by which passengers must file a claim or bring an action against the airline.    Rules on reconfirmation of reservations, check in times, the use and duration of electronic tickets, and the carrier's right to refuse carriage in certain    circumstances.    Rights of the airline and limits on the airline’s liability for delay or failure to perform a service, including schedule, changes, cancellation, substitution of alternative carriers or aircraft and re-routing.    Your obligation to obtain all necessary travel documents such as a passport and visa.

20.1.4    You have the right to inspect the full text of each transporting airline’s Terms and Conditions at its airport and city ticket offices and, on request, to receive the full text of the applicable Conditions from each transporting airline free of charge.