3. Bookings And Tickets

3.1 Booking Requirements

3.1.1 We or Our Authorised Agents will record Your Booking. We will provide You with written confirmation of your Booking(s) in the case of telephone reservations. In the case of internet Bookings, the Booking confirmation will be displayed on screen on completion of the transaction. You should print this for Your records, as You will be required to quote this number at check-in.

3.1.2 A Booking is not completed until You have received a confirmation number and We have received full payment. Payment in full is due immediately, unless otherwise indicated by Us.


3.2 Personal Data

3.2.1 You recognise that personal data relating to You has been given to Us for the purposes of: making a Booking; purchasing and issuing a Ticket; accounting, billing and auditing (including checking credit or other payment cards); administrative and legal purposes; statistical analysis; developing and providing services; and facilitating security, immigration, customs and entry procedures, and making available such data to government agencies, in connection with Your travel.

3.2.2 We control the ways and the purposes for which Your personal data is processed by Us and is the “controller” for the purposes of the data protection laws that apply to Us, including EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR).

3.2.3 We process Your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information on the personal data that we collect about You, how we protect it, how and why we process it, who we disclose it to and what your data protection rights are, see Our full Privacy Policy which is available on Our website.


3.3 Allocated Seating

3.3.1 You may, at an additional charge and in advance, pre-book seat(s) at the time You book Your flight or after Booking has been made via the relevant channels. Seat selection is optional and if not pre-booked, seats will be allocated at check-in without charge.

3.3.2 Allocated Seating Charges We offer two types of allocated seating options as set out in Our Fees and Charges. We reserve the right to reassign seats at any time for operational, safety or security reasons, but We will make reasonable efforts to honour paid seat assignments.

3.3.3 Refunds on Allocated Seating Charges Allocated seat fees are non-refundable apart from exceptions made in these Terms and Conditions. If You cancel, miss or change Your flight, allocated seating charges already paid by You will not be refunded, however it may be transferred to the next flight provided the change occurs no later than 40 minutes prior to departure. Hereafter the charges will be non-transferable to the next flight. If We have to amend Your seat selection because You do not fulfil any or all of the applicable requirements set out in Article 3.3.4, We will not refund the seating charge. In the event that We cancel Your flight for which You have chosen and paid for allocated seating, You will be entitled to a full refund of charges paid or You may transfer the paid charges to Your next flight.

3.3.4 Conditions for Allocating Seating We reserve the right to reassign allocated seats for operational and safety, or security reasons at any point during Your journey. For safety reasons, and to comply with civil aviation regulations some seats are considered “restricted”. These include seats next to doors and emergency exits, and varies between aircraft types. The following are not permitted to be seated at on a restricted seat:

  • Any person under the age of 16 years.
  • Any person unwilling or physically unable to assist cabin crew in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • Any person travelling with an infant or escorting a child under the age of 16.
  • Any person requiring a seat belt extender.
  • Any person requiring special assistance, including those with visual or hearing impairments, or physical and mental disabilities.
  • Any person unable to speak and understand English language.
  • Any pregnant person.

3.3.5 Seats Allocated at the Airport  In the event of seats being allocated at the airport and not pre-booked, We cannot guarantee any particular seat. We reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even after Boarding of the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, safety or security reasons.


3.4 Holding Period

3.4.1 The Hold Period applicable in respect of a Booking made:

  • more than seven (7) days before the departure date will be 48 hours.
  • a day before the departure date will be six (6) hours.
  • on the day of the departure will be two (2) hours provided that the departure time is more than two (2) hours from time of booking.

3.4.2 If the Booking is made within two (2) hours of departure, there will be no Hold Period applicable and full payment in respect of such booking must be made immediately.

3.4.3 During the Hold Period, the fare will be subject to our tariffs applicable on the payment date, pricing currency and increases to any taxes or charges imposed by any government or other authority or by the operator of an airport. The listed items are not exhaustive and may change without prior notification. Accordingly, a fare for any flight is no guaranteed until the ticket for such flight has been issued and We have received full payment in respect thereof.

3.5 Provision Of Carriage

3.5.1 We will provide carriage on a flight when You present Your Booking confirmation number, government issued photographic identification identifying You as the Guest named in the Booking and valid travel documentation (e.g. passport, visa) where applicable.

3.6 Re-routing

3.6.1 Re-routing is permitted. We strongly recommend that You ensure that all Your Booking information is correct before making payment and Us issuing a Booking confirmation or Ticket. In the event that a routing error is made after a Booking confirmation number or Ticket is issued or fulfilment of a Booking, the appropriate Fees and Charges and or any difference in fare shall be applicable and payable by You. 

3.7 Recommendation For Insurance

3.7.1 We recommend that You ensure that You have appropriate and adequate insurance cover in place in the event that You are unable to use Your Ticket.


3.8 Required Identity To Travel

3.8.1 The credit/debit card or charge card used to pay for a Booking together with Your National issued identity document or passport must be presented along with the itinerary at Our applicable check-in counter for verification purposes. We will apply Our right to refuse carriage should you fail to comply with Our prescribed conditions. You will be denied boarding and all applicable terms and conditions of use of the ticket/booking will be applied. No exception will be made nor will We be liable for any claims and damages.

3.9 Booking Changes

3.9.1 Each Booking issued by Us is valid only for the transportation as indicated by the Booking of the Guest named, from the place of departure to the final destination on the date and for the flight number shown. The fare paid is based upon Our Tariff and is for the transportation as shown on the Booking. It forms an essential part of Our contract with You.

3.9.2 Should you wish to change the date and/or time of Your flight You must contact Us in advance in order for Us to be able to effect such changes no later than 40 minutes prior to departure. You will be liable for any additional airfare differences which will be calculated with Our applicable Tariff in effect on the date on which the change occurs. The same will be applicable to all ancillary fees, surcharges and taxes which will be reassessed as per the change request (please see Our Fees and Charges). The reassessed airfare will be presented to You for acceptance. Should You wish not to accept same, You will still have the option of maintaining your original flight as Booked, provided You are able to meet the Check-In Deadline. Any charges and fees in respect of Booking changes are subject to the conditions of the airfare purchased and seat availability at the time of change. Full payment in respect of the additional charges, fees and taxes must be made immediately. Changes may only be made by the Guest named in the Booking and/or the person who made the original booking. No downgrading will be permitted.

3.9.3 Name changes are not permitted. Corrections up to three (3) characters are permitted if reported within 24 hours of Booking and is subject to an administration fee (as set out in Our Fees and Charges). Any name changes not reported within twenty four (24) hours, or corrections more than three (3) characters will result in forfeiture of the Booking, with no refund payable to You. A new Booking will be required to reflect such changes and/or corrections. The new booking charges will be calculated in accordance with Our applicable Tariff on the date that the change and payment occurs.

3.9.4 If You wish to make a change to a Tour Package booking, these Terms and Conditions shall apply. If You have purchased any additional item or service from or through Us acting as a disclosed agent for a Supplier, the Supplier’s terms and conditions shall apply in addition to these Terms and Conditions.

3.10 Additional And Onward Connecting Flight(s) With Third Party Airlines

3.10.1 If You have purchased an additional or onward connecting flight(s), the third-party airline's ticket rules shall apply. We accept no liability of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising for any missed onward connection flights offered by third-party airlines.