Get ready to pack your bags. From hand and checked baggage allowances to arranging pre-authorisation for firearms, read on to find out what you need to know.

With fastjet your cabin baggage is free. Find out how much you can travel with and what you can take on board.

ValueFlyer Customers can take one (1) piece of Checked Baggage on any fastjet route, whilst FlexiFlyer Customers can take two (2). If you would like to take more baggage, add it to your booking in advance and save. Find out how much you can pack and what it will cost if your baggage is overweight.

Fastjet carries a variety of sports equipment and musical instruments. Find out what you can check in, how much weight we allow and the best ways to protect your gear.

Fastjet permits the carriage of rifles used for sporting purposes on all flights operated by Fastjet Zimbabwe. This is subject to certain conditions which you must adhere to, to ensure that we can transport your rifle securely and in accordance with all the requirements.

Find out if you can travel with your wheelchair, what our weight restrictions are and how to pre-arrange carriage.

Safety is our main priority, so if you wish to travel with a handgun there are processes that need to be followed. Find out more.

Find out whether you can fly with your guide dog and much more.