Checked baggage

No traveller is alike, which is why we give you the opportunity to pack – and pay – for your unique and individual travel needs. Here's everything you need to know. 

What you need to know

Once piece of checked baggage is included in the price of your ticket. It may include but is not limited to suitcases, baby buggies, rucksacks, tents and any mobility equipment such as, wheelchairs, mobility aid devices and walking frames. It must be checked in at the airport before departure.

If you will be travelling with a lot of baggage, we suggest adding an extra bag or Freighty (only available in certain markets) to your booking. Do this in advance to save on fees. Visit the Fees and Charges section for these costs. 


Fastjet baggage allowance

  • Customers can take up to two (2) bags of 23 kg each. Your first bag is included in the price of your ticket. The extra bag will be charged an additional fee.

  • If your bag exceeds 23 kg, you will be charged extra for each additional kg.

  • For safety reasons, no single item can exceed 32 kg or a combined dimension of 81 x 119 x 119 cm.

  • If you wish to purchase the right to carry more than two (2) items of checked baggage per customer you may do so by booking Freighty. This product can only be pre-booked online, through our Call Centre or at an approved fastjet authorised agent.


Travelling with Smart Bags

Guests can travel with Smart Bags provided the lithium battery is disconnected and removed at the check-in counter. The battery must then be carried with you into the aircraft cabin. For safety reasons, if you are unable to remove the battery fastjet won't accept it for carriage. This is in line with IATA rules. 


Sports and music equipment

Sports and music equipment is carried in the hold of the aircraft. They are not accepted as normal bags and so are charged differently. We do have limited space, so we request that you pre-book your sports or music equipment. See the Fees and Charges table for the cost. 


Travelling with strollers or wheelchairs

  • You can bring a travel system (baby stroller or pram) per infant or child. It flies FREE OF CHARGE.

  • You may also bring up to two mobility aids FREE OF CHARGE. These include walking sticks, foldable wheelchairs, electric mobility aids, medical scooters, etc.


Pre-book and pay less


  • Pre-book your extra checked baggage online (up to three (3) hours prior to your flight departure), through our  Call Centre or at a fastjet shop and pay a reduced price. Pre-paid baggage fees are non-refundable!

  • Book on the day of departure at the airport and pay the full amount.

  • Kindly note that large sports equipment, oversized luggage and musical instruments are subject to separate fees, charges and restrictions. 

Refer to our Fees and Charges table for more information. 


How to add travel extras and manage your booking
If you wish to add extra baggage to your booking after your booking has been made, you may do so online on our website through the “Manage My Booking” function, through the fastjet call centre or our authorised agents up to three (3) hours before the scheduled departure of your flight at the applicable online rate for extra baggage.


At the airport

  • All bags will be weighed at the airport and you will be charged for any weight exceeding 23 kg.

  • There is NO refund or partial payment if your bag weighs less than what was purchased.

  • Checked baggage costs differ depending on whether added in advance or at the airport. 

  • Travel systems (baby strollers/prams) must be tagged at check-in. It will be taken prior to boarding to be placed safely in the hold, or it can be checked in at the check-in counter.