Checked baggage

Fastjet’s ValueFlyer and FlexiFlyer products cater for every day traveller needs. However, sometimes you need to pack a little more. Here’s how it all works:

What you need to know

ValueFlyer and SALE fares:

One (1) piece of Checked Baggage is included in the price of your ticket.


FlexiFlyer fares:

Two (2) pieces of Checked Baggage are included in the price of your ticket.


Fastjet baggage allowance

  • Checked Baggage is limited to 23 kg per piece.

  • If your bag exceeds 23 kg, you will be charged extra for each additional kg up to the maximum allowable weight of 32 kg per bag.

  • For safety reasons, no single item can exceed 32 kg or a combined dimension of 81 x 119 x 119 cm.

  • Each passenger, regardless of fare, may purchase one (1) additional piece of Checked Baggage (23 kg).

  • We suggest that you pre-book your additional Checked Baggage online to save. Alternatively, additional baggage may be added at the airport at a higher cost.

  • Checked Baggage may include but is not limited to a suitcase, sports equipment or musical instruments, rucksacks or tents. The permitted baggage allowance applicable to the fare type may be substituted for these items.


Packing more?


If you will be travelling with more than your permitted baggage allowance, we suggest adding an extra bag to your booking at a reduced rate before departure. Customers may purchase a maximum of one (1) piece of Checked Baggage.

Book your Checked Baggage in advance and save on fees. Visit the Fees and Charges section for these costs. 


Travelling with Smart Bags


Passengers may travel with Smart Bags provided that the lithium battery is disconnected and removed at the check-in counter. The battery must then be carried with you into the aircraft cabin. For safety reasons, if you are unable to remove the battery, fastjet will not accept it for carriage. This is in line with IATA rules and safety standards.


Sports Equipment and musical instruments

Sports equipment and musical instruments are carried in the hold of the aircraft. These items may be interchanged with your allocated baggage allowance or added as extra Checked Baggage. Items cannot exceed 23 kg and a combined dimension of 81 x 119 x 119 cm.

Sports equipment includes, but is not limited to, bicycles, golf bags, surfboards, wind and kite surfing equipment, fishing rods etc. Bicycles must be packed in a bicycle box. Bicycles without the appropriate packaging will not be accepted.

Musical instruments must be packaged in a hard carry case. Instruments without an appropriate hard case will not be accepted.

Should the item exceed the Checked Baggage allowance of 23 kg and a combined dimension of 81 x 119 x 119 cm, please contact our Call Centre to confirm whether we will accept it for carriage.

See the Fees and Charges table for the cost. 


Travelling with strollers or wheelchairs

  • You can bring one (1) travel system (baby stroller or pram) per infant or child. It flies FREE OF CHARGE.

  • You may also bring up to two (2) mobility aids FREE OF CHARGE. These include walking sticks, foldable wheelchairs, electric mobility aids, medical scooters, etc.


Pre-book and pay less


  • Pre-book your extra piece of Checked Baggage online up to three (3) hours prior to your flight departure for the lowest fee. You can also add it to your booking through our Call Centre or at a fastjet shop.

  • Additional baggage charges on the day of departure at the airport is at a higher rate, we suggest that you pre-book and save.

  • Pre-paid baggage fees are non-refundable if unused, however it may be transferred to a new flight should you amend your booking.

Refer to our Fees and Charges table for more information. 


How to add travel extras and manage your booking
If you want to add extra Checked Baggage after your booking has been made, do so on our website through the “Manage My Booking” function, through the fastjet Call Centre or our authorised agents. You can add one (1) additional piece of Checked Baggage up to three (3) hours before the scheduled departure of your flight at the applicable online rate.


At the airport

  • All bags will be weighed at the airport and any excess weight over 23 kg and excess dimensions will be charged per piece.

  • There is NO refund or partial payment if your bag weighs less than the allocated weight per piece.

  • Checked Baggage costs differ depending on whether added in advance or at the airport. 

  • Travel systems (baby strollers/prams) must be tagged at check-in. It will be taken prior to boarding to be placed safely in the hold, or it can be checked in at the check-in counter.