Although we allow handguns to be carried on all fastjet flights, to ensure the safety of our Guests we have put in place important rules and regulations. This is what you need to know.

Can I carry my weapon?

We do allow the carriage of handguns and ammunition, provided it is for personal protection. Please note that this is at the sole and absolute discretion of fastjet. You may carry a maximum of 5 kg of ammunition, provided it's packed separately within another piece of hold luggage.

Only Guests 18 years and older may check-in a handgun.

We do not allow the carriage of sporting weapons such as rifles.


At the airport

  • Handguns must be declared at check-in.

  • Your handgun must be placed in a pouch, be unloaded and have the safety catch on.

  • You will also need to produce valid documentation proving ownership and legal authority for the possession of the firearm(s). Without this documentation, a firearm WILL NOT be carried.

  • They must then be taken to security, where they will be given a safety examination before being loaded into the gun box in the hold of the aircraft.

  • A form will then be given to you to complete. You can download the form here.

  • The firearm may be collected from the fastjet office after arrival at your destination.


Please note that if you are found to have placed a gun in your checked baggage, the weapon will be confiscated.


For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.