Sports and music equipment

You can carry sports or music equipment with fastjet but we do charge a separate fee. Here's what else you need to know.

You can book a maximum 1 item of 23 kg. All sports and/or music equipment will be weighed at the airport. If it exceeds 23 kg we will charge you for the additional weight. For safety reasons no single item may weigh more than 32 kg.


What sports equipment do we carry
 •    Bicycles
 •    Golf bags
 •    Surfboards
 •    Wind and kite surfing equipment
 •    Fishing rods

If the item you wish to travel is not listed above, please contact the Call Centre to confirm whether we will accept it for carriage.


Pack for safety
Sports or music equipment must be properly packaged. Bicycles must be packaged in a bicycle box. Bicycles without appropriate packaging will NOT be accepted.

Musical instruments must be packaged in a hard carry case. Instruments without an appropriate hard case will NOT be accepted.