Fastjet into an African paradise. Mozambique’s natural and cultural charms are only matched by its pristine, sun-drenched beaches and colourful African heritage. As a visitor, you’ll soon see why this country’s art, cuisine and music captures the hearts of so many. Make sure your phone is charged as you’ll never run out of selfie opportunities. Inspiration also awaits the entrepreneur in search of the next big idea.

Where to stay

Whether you’re searching for blissful tranquillity or thrilling adventures you’ve arrived in the right place. Here, you’ll discover forgotten tropical islands and famed fishing experiences. You can dive into an ocean of dreams or make an entrance in fine hotels, flanked by a sea of discos. The many resorts have unique natural experiences while the thriving capital of Maputo offers an enticing blend of culture, art and history.


What to eat

The Portuguese influence in Mozambique is clear and it will come as no surprise that seafood is used within even the most basic of dishes. You’ll also find that it’s not just the sun that’s blazing hot. On your trip you’re bound to encounter the extremely spicy African bird’s-eye chilli, a common sauce throughout the country. Metapa, a seafood stew made with Casave leaves, is another firm favourite. A must-try is of course Mozambican prawns marinated in piri-piri, garlic, onion, lemon and vinegar.



In Mozambique everything that does not have a price attached can be bargained down to whatever you consider reasonable. If haggling isn’t your strength you can always ask a local hotel if the price you were offered is a good one. You will also soon discover that nobody in Mozambique seems to have change. The 1000Mzn and 500Mzn are almost impossible to use day to day, so change them down in to more manageable notes at any bank. In low-budget bars and restaurants, tipping is generally not expected, other than a bill rounded up. At upmarket and tourist establishments, 10% to 20%, is assumed to be a good tip.


Local currency

Mozambique’s official currency is the Metical. However, if you’re travelling in the south both the South African Rand and US Dollar are widely accepted. Dollars work best in the North. Most hotels and lodges have credit card facilities.


Flights in Mozambique are operated by Solenta Aviation Mozambique or codeshare partner Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (LAM)‚Äč