The city of Beira is widely believed to be the heart of Mozambique. Traversing it is best done with a knowledgeable guide. Alternatively, catch a cab. If you’re planning on hiring a car, keep in mind that the city centre is not clearly signposted and it can be difficult to navigate.

Activities and accommodation

If you do lose your way, you’ll quickly find that you are surrounded by shops, banks, supermarkets, and locals more than willing to direct you. Grab a bite to eat, take a moment to admire the Mediterranean architecture peppered throughout this port city, and maybe buy a local trinket. Then take a short drive along the beach road to the red and white lighthouse and check out the shipwrecked Macuti. A little further north and you’ll arrive at Beira’s most popular beach. If you prefer something a little less crowded, why not try a spot of golf.

Accommodation options are determined by your budget. Business travellers might like to book their stay at the Hotel Mozambique, the Six Miles Resort or Hotel Embaixador. If you want to stretch your budget, you can also choose to camp or book into a BnB.

And as you’re staying at a port city, indulge in the seafood, it is always fresh and expertly spiced. Then work off your hearty meal at any of the local nightclubs, or catch a movie before heading home to bed.


Beira International Airport

Located just nine minutes from the city centre, it makes those short business trips more than worthwhile.