Travelling with children

All the do’s and don’ts about flying with infants and children can be found here.

Rules for travel with infants


  • Infants under two (2) weeks of age are not allowed to fly.

  • No more than one (1) infant per adult is allowed.

  • The infant must be secured on the lap of an accompanying adult using an infant/extension seat belt during take-off, landing, taxi and any other time when the seat belt signs are switched on during the flight.

  • Infant/child car seats are not allowed to be used on board. The infant/child car seat will be tagged at check-in and handed over with your checked baggage items.

  • For safety reasons, seating at restricted or emergency exits are not available for purchase by an adult travelling with an infant.

  • Crew members cannot assist with nappy changes or carrying an infant up and down the aircraft cabin.

  • Infants must travel with a birth certificate and/or passport.


Rules for travel with children (2 to 11 years of age) and young adults (12 to 15 years of age)

  • Children and young adults under the age of 16 years cannot be seated in a restricted seat.
  • Children must be seated in the same row or separated by no more than one seat row from the accompanying adult.
  • Children are always the responsibility of the accompanying adult.
  • Crew members can assist with monitoring a child momentarily, but only while the adult visits the bathroom inflight.
  • Young adults (12 to 15 years) may travel unaccompanied.
  • We do not limit the number of young people who travel with us.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult (over 16 years of age) who will accept responsibility for the minor child.
  • Children and young adults travelling on an international flight must be in possession of a valid passport and required travel and health documents.
  • Children and young adults travelling on a domestic flight must have either a birth certificate, National Identity card or passport. an ID card or passport. A Family Book (Livret de Famille is not sufficient ID for a child/infant.


Baggage allowance

If you are travelling with an infant, you may take a small bag containing immediate use items as an addition to their hand luggage allowance.


Stroller/Pram and Infant/Child Car Seat

We allow you to carry a baby stroller/pram or infant/child car seat per infant or child free of charge. It will need to be tagged at check-in.  

The continuous use of the stroller/pram is permitted until the boarding gate, where it will be taken away from you to be placed safely in the aircraft hold. Upon arrival at the destination the item may be collected at the aircraft steps. Alternatively, you may hand over the item at check-in, if this option is preferred you will collect the stroller/pram from the allocated baggage carousel on arrival at your destination airport.

Infant/child car seats will be handed over with your checked baggage and collected from the allocated baggage carousel on arrival at your destination airport.

For safety reasons no item may exceed 32 kg or the maximum dimensions prescribed for checked baggage allowance.


Travelling to South Africa?

Please read the South African Government Advisory to find out more about the government requirements for children travelling through South African ports of entry.