Fees and Charges

As a value-driven airline, and to keep your travel costs down, we give you the option to purchase travel extras. Here’s what you need to know.

We charge a service fee for new bookings. Find out what you will pay.

Book now and skip the queue.

Find out where to book your additional baggage and what it will cost.

Find out what weight allowance we give and what it will cost.

If we agree to refund your ticket, find out what service fee we will charge.

Pre-book your seat online and pay less. Find out more.

We don’t allow name changes only spelling corrections, provided it is no more than three characters. Find out more.

Take up to 23 kg of delicious shrink-wrapped fish on board. Find out more.

Find out what we charge for your excess kg.

Pack more for less. Freighty can only be pre-booked.

We charge a reduced fee for parents travelling with children.

We charge an administration fee for flight date and time changes. Find out more.

All Credit / Debit Card and payments made in cash incur a service fee. Find out more.

Only applicable to travel agents.