Change flight date or time fees

ValueFlyer Change fees:

Website 40 580 33 960
Call centre 50 725 41 1,200
Shops 50 725 41 1,200
Airport 50 725 41 1,200

Changes can be made up to one (1) hour prior to departure.

FlexiFlyer Guests can make unlimited changes to their bookings without paying change fees. However, the fare difference between your original booking and the new booking will be charged at the time of change and remains subject to availability.


ValueFlyer Guests are required to pay change fees per Guest per segment in addition to the fare difference which may apply between your original booking and the new booking.


Payments made with a Credit or Debit Card will incur a fee of 2.5% of the total amount.

Payments made in cash will incur a $5 cash handling fee.

Please see our Payment methods page for additional information.