Do you require wheelchair assistance?

Do you require wheelchair assistance? Here’s how to arrange it and more.

Requesting wheelchair assistance

Guests requiring wheelchair assistance at the airport should send a request at least 48 hours prior to departure. You can request this through our Call Centre or at a fastjet shop.


You should provide the following information:

  • contact name, mobile number and email address.

  • booking reference number.

  • departure and arrival airports.

  • date of travel.

  • the name of the person who requires assistance, and

  • whether or not the person requiring assistance will be using their own wheelchair.


You also need to specify the type of assistance required

  • Wheelchair assistance to the bottom of the aircraft steps.

  • Wheelchair assistance to the top of the aircraft steps.

  • Full wheelchair assistance to the seat.


Read the Passengers requiring specific assistance section for more information.


Important information

  • To prevent inadvertent operation, it is the responsibility of the Guest and/or carer to ensure that the power to the motor is disconnected or isolated.

  • If the mobility aid has no deactivation procedure, the battery must be removed and the terminals insulated against accidental short circuit. The battery must also remain upright and securely attached to the body of the wheelchair or scooter at all times.

  • fastjet will only carry dry cell, non-spillable batteries.

  • fastjet will not be responsible for any claims regarding delay, loss or damage to the mobility aid. We strongly recommend that you/the owner of the mobility aid take out adequate insurance.

  • fastjet reserves the right to refuse carriage of a mobility aid if any of the above conditions are not met.