Paying with a Credit Card?

Paying for your fastjet flight online is now safer than ever before. We’ve activated 3D Secure so that you won’t need to worry about fraudulent activity on your Credit or Debit Card. Here’s what you need to know.

What is 3D Secure?


The industry’s authentication standard – into our Credit and Debit Card transaction process. It is an added level of security which requires that the cardholder input a unique one-time pin (OTP) sent via SMS to the cardholder's personal cell phone or a password when paying for an online purchase.


Benefits of using the 3D Secure system

  • The additional verification step protects you from fraudulent transactions.

  • Payment is immediate.


How to register your Debit/Credit Card?

New cardholders are automatically registered for 3D Secure. Please check with your bank if you are enrolled for 3D Secure, complete your registration prior to booking your fastjet flight as we are unable to facilitate this during the booking process. We advise that you contact your bank to determine if you must activate your card for 3D Secure online or at your nearest branch.


Not sure if your card is registered?

If you have already begun booking your fastjet flight, but are unsure whether your card is activated for 3D Secure, follow these steps:

  1. Select fastjet’s PAY LATER option. 

  2. Contact your bank to activate your card for 3D Secure payments. 

  3. Once activated, log in to Manage My Booking and complete payment. 


Please note that for 3D Secure transactions your bank will request that you enter your pin or OTP to verify you are in fact the cardholder. If you are not registered for 3D Secure, for fraud prevention measures, we will request you to choose an alternative form of payment.

Alternatively, you can continue the booking process as follows:

  1. Select the CREDIT or DEBIT CARD payment option.

  2. Enter you details and select BOOK NOW. 

  3. Fastjet will now verify if your card is activated for 3D Secure and process the credit card for payment towards your flight.


Yes, you are activated for 3D Secure

If you are activated you will be requested to enter an OTP SMS'd to the phone number registered on your banking profile, or your password created when activating 3D Secure. Only once the verification process is complete will fastjet debit your card.


No, you are not activated for 3D Secure

If you are not activated fastjet will either:

  1. proceed to debit your card for the purchase. This is an unverified transaction.

  2. offer an alternative form of payment based on your card risk profile. In this case we advise that you use the PAY LATER option (see more information above).

As a reminder, fastjet does not facilitate 3D Secure registration during the booking process.


Pay within the booking confirmation time limit.

Please make sure that you pay for your flight within the specified time limit on your booking confirmation. The time limit depends on the departure date of your flight. If you are late to pay for the booking, it will be cancelled, and you will need to re-book your flight.   


What is an unverified transaction?

This is an online payment that does not use the 3D Secure system to make Debit or Credit Card payments. Fastjet requires that these Guests present the Credit or Debit card used to pay for your booking at the check-in counter. If you are unable to do so, you may be denied travel.


What is a sponsored flight?

A sponsored booking is a flight reservation booked and paid for on behalf of someone else who is not named on the card used to make the payment. Therefore the passenger is not the card holder.


Does fastjet accept sponsored credit or debit card bookings?

Yes, we do accept Credit/Debit Card payments for sponsored bookings.