How to book sports equipment or musical instruments

Sports equipment and musical instruments travel in the hold of the aircraft and are considered Checked Baggage. You can substitute your allocated Checked Baggage allowance with an item of sporting equipment or a musical instrument or purchase an additional piece of Checked Baggage. Here's everything you need to know.

If you wish to carry an item of sporting equipment or musical instrument you may do so as part of your Checked Baggage allowance.

  • ValueFlyer passengers may take one (1) item of Checked Baggage whilst FlexiFlyer passengers may take two (2).

  • If you would like to add an additional item of Checked Baggage specifically for your sporting equipment or musical instrument, it is best to purchase your additional baggage in advance through the website, call centre or a fastjet shop to save on fees.


Weight allowances

  • Checked Baggage can weigh a maximum of 23 kg. This weight restriction applies to Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments as well.

  • Sports or music equipment exceeding 23 kg will incur additional fees.

  • For safety reasons, no single item can exceed 32 kg.



Sports equipment or music equipment must be properly packaged. Instruments without appropriate casing (hard carry case) will not be accepted for carriage.  

Sports equipment includes bicycles (must be packaged in a box or will not be accepted for carriage), golf bags, surfboards, wind and kite surfing equipment and fishing rods.