Do you require wheelchair assistance?

If you need wheelchair assistance at the airport, you must advise fastjet of this at the time of booking. You can request wheelchair assistance through our Call Centre or at a fastjet shop.

What you need to do

You should provide the following information:

  • Contact name, mobile number and email address.

  • Booking reference number.

  • Departure and arrival airports.

  • Date of travel.

  • The name of the person who requires assistance.

  • Whether or not the person requiring assistance will be using their own wheelchair.


You also need to specify the type of assistance required:

  • Level 1 assistance (WCHR): You can ascend or descend the aircraft steps and can make your own way to and from your seat, but require a wheelchair to and from the aircraft across the tarmac. A Passenger Aid Unit is not essential to board this type of wheelchair passenger.

  • Level 2 assistance (WCHS): You cannot ascend or descend steps but are able to make your own way to and from the seat.

  • Level 3 assistance (WCHC): You are completely immobile and require assistance going up and down steps and getting to and from your seat. You will need to be accompanied by an able-bodied person (travel companion) over the age of 16 years.


We recommend that you take loose items such as pressure-relief cushions in your hand baggage. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.