Patrick Mavros; An Archive of Zimbabwean Luxury

10/19/2017 2:54:48 PM and

By Nicolina Simoes

Thirty-five years ago a man’s simple gesture of love for his wife became an empire of extravagance, known the world over. The Patrick Mavros jewellery line is a simplistic tale of Zimbabwean roots and is engraved with the history of the country and its people. After almost four decades of dedicated craftsmanship and skill handed down over generations, it is now considered one of Africa’s most luxurious jewellery brands.

It is simple to label the Patrick Mavors brand as a ‘family business,’ but to them, the term ‘family’ also means generations of working families who have stood alongside them throughout their journey. Patrick Mavros and his four sons have exemplified the true meaning of a family business by sharing the same respect and dedication for the company, with each other. Alexander, Forbes, Patrick Jnr and Benjamin were inspired from birth, by their father’s enduring passion for his craft, to carry on the family tradition of jewellery design and to learn the craftsmanship that underpins it. Whether taking inspiration from the culturally significant spirally Ndoro shells to an elephant named Zozo by a 3-year-old girl, who stood on her tiptoes just to point him out, each handcrafted item is mirrored by design, from the mind of those with a story to tell.

Just outside Harare in a landscape dotted with abundantly green hills lies both the family home and the workshop. “Pieces we create are design-inspired by our immediate environment, the scenery fauna and flora of Zimbabwe as well as the nation’s rich cultural heritage,“ says Patrick who adds that the generational continuum of the business has also impacted its culture. “Integrity, being family and community conscious along with the absolute satisfaction that hard work brings underpins everything we do at Mavros.” A tour of the facility and conversation with several of the staff strongly evidenced Patrick’s mantra.

Their on-site workshops house the essence of skill and dedication, and whilst touring each and every department their message becomes clear and the significance behind each studio truly captivates all who visit. Whether it be welding, melting, casting or polishing, the Mavros family wholeheartedly share everything they do with each and every one of their guests.

With its elegant structure and detail in design, it is no surprise why The Patrick Mavros brand is highly regarded by the people of Zimbabwe and their client’s worldwide.

Their integrity, honour and passion have made their brand an intricate symbol of Zimbabwean pride and a beautifully perfected relationship between art and legacy.