We are pleased to officially unveil our new fastjet staff uniforms across our network of operations.

Our new uniform, represents a modern and smart look that captures our brand identity, will be worn by our ground staff and aircrew across all our bases in Zimbabwe and South Africa from Thursday, 20 April 2023.   

Our new uniform continues to feature the signature yellow and grey colour scheme elements that have made it an iconic piece over the years, incorporated into a restyling that combines a traditional look with contemporary fashion characteristics.  

A patent yellow runway stripe on the new Cabin Crew dress is a timeless pattern creating a prominent presence for our inflight crew. The distinctive speedmark, a recognisable part of the aircraft livery, features in the scarves worn by the female staff, and is represented by a yellow triangular fold on the cabin crew jacket collars and sleeve folds. In addition, the female cabin crew will wear stylish grey or yellow aprons when performing service duties, whilst male cabin crew will sport a modern cut grey waistcoat with subtle yellow features. 

Male members of staff will sport a three-piece grey suit that has a traditional and elegant look. As a design feature male cabin crew will wear happy socks carrying the airline’s mascot an African Grey parrot, fondly known as Mr. Grey.

We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard your next fastjet flight as we proudly showcase our latest look.