Before we shook hands two other people greeted her. “You are amazing, thank you for everything”, “Keep up the good work, can I please get a picture with you?”. The lady in an African head tie sat down on the floor and took a selfie with Soneni. “Thank you Flawsome, my son will treasure this picture,” she said saving her mobile number to share the picture.

“My friends call me Flawsome, you can call me that too,” she said after I had introduced myself. I had read and followed Soneni’s story and work online, but I had not met her in person. This encounter with her was at another level of inspiration. With every word she said I realised how powerful and future-shaping she is.

“I am a woman with a DISABILITY and that has not stopped me from doing what I love and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities,” she said with a bright smile on her face. “I consider myself to be a Zimbabwean Bird, always smiling and committed to the cause, I love my country” she added.

Soneni continues to push boundaries and inspire a generation in the process. Trained in radio and television broadcasting; She was Zimbabwe’s female Physically Disabled Radio & TV Presenter for ZBC TV & SFM Radio. During her broadcasting days, she interviewed various radio and TV guests from the diverse spectrum of society and nationalities. A multiple award winner from a broad range of organisations and institutions.

She continues to empower society on the subject she is passionate about “Disability Inclusion” through her Schools Talk Programme Conversation with learners, parents and teachers across Zimbabwe. Her social interaction with people is amazing and this evidently proves that people with disabilities are normal people who do things differently and this is what Soneni has shown the world.

“Zimbabwe is too beautiful for disability to keep me away from exploring our amazing country. As a lover of the outdoors and new experiences I have participated in adrenaline-evoking Ziplining, Wall Climbing, Canoeing, Horse riding, swimming and intense exercises” she said, waving at someone who had called out her name in a greeting.

She is a committed member Rotary Club of Bulawayo, Rotarian Soneni is also an Honorary Club Member of Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy- A global Rotary Club that sees to Disability Inclusion Matters.