A customer experience like no other.

Coffee and early morning flights have always been a great combination. The automated doors opened to the departure terminal at Harare’s RG Mugabe International Airport, I was star-struck. It wasn’t the aromatic smell of roasted coffee beans at the break of dawn. It was something else.

Just there in front of me. There it stood. The new fastjet sales shop with its clever and captivating designs. Looking at it, I immediately fell in love with the blending of the African prints in the design, expressing a deeply rooted Zimbabwean welcome that the country is known for.

The mix of African essence designs with modern contemporary lighting and finishings is inviting and irresistible to the eye. I had to walk in. I had to go inside and have an up-close experience. A cheerful customer service official warmly greeted me as I was immersed in the shop and the interior of it. A huge clock ensures you keep track of the time and know when your flight is.

The shop is a pre-flight experience on its own with its warmth and exceptional design. “Thank you for choosing fastjet and enjoy your flight,” she said as I made my way to the check-in counters that were just a few meters away. Such convenience too.

Image: fastjet Sales Shop | RG Mugabe International Airport
Nunurai Ndawana