Book Now for peace of mind.

Finally, I found an available flight and booked the last seat on a fastjet flight from Johannesburg to Harare. This was after being at the airport for three straight days hoping to get an available seat during the festive travel. The pains of last-minute bookings.

“Enjoy your flight, we will be boarding from gate A28. Kindly note that the airport is experiencing a huge volume of passengers due to the festive peak travel. We kindly request you to make your way to the boarding gate immediately” said the Check-in agent.

As I was making my way to the boarding gate in the company of other festive travellers who seemed to be relaxed and enjoying the season. I knew I was fortunate to finally get a seat allowing me to spend Christmas with my family and loved ones.

Once strapped in, a lady in a Christmas hat sat next to me. “I am happy to go home for the first time in four years. Christmas is best enjoyed with family. You know I bought my tickets in June” she said. This got me thinking, as it was the second time within an hour I had been told and advised to secure my tickets well in advance.

With Valentine’s Day and Easter holidays a few weeks away, I made it a point to book immediately and secure my fastjet tickets the moment I arrive in Harare. “The earlier you book the cheaper it is, Christmas is a busy period and airlines fill up quickly, I decided to book in June for peace of mind and here I am going home for Christmas” she concluded packing away an empty snack box that she consumed during our exchange.

After a smooth landing, the cabin crew made an announcement, welcoming us to Harare and sharing the local time and weather. As if I needed a reminder to book my flights well in advance, he concluded “Our lowest fares are available on our website or the fastjet mobile app available on Android and iOS.

In case you are wondering, I did. I have already booked for my Valentine’s Day and Easter holiday tickets.