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We have partnered with Simbisa Brands to offer you more options and easier ways to pay for your flight booking. You can now pay for your flight at any Chicken Inn store within Zimbabwe.

How to pay for your flight at a Chicken Inn store:

  1. Make your fastjet flight booking using our website or App or at a fastjet travel shop or fastjet airport ticket sales desk. Note: Payments will be accepted for USD and ZiG currency bookings only. You must select the currency that you intend on making payment in as there will be no currency conversions done at the store.
  2. Select the Pay Later option, which allows you to hold the booking according to our Ticket Time Limits. Once you have confirmed your booking, it is important to pay the full ticket amount within the time limit to avoid the booking being auto cancelled.
  3. Once you have confirmed your booking, you will be issued with a booking confirmation. Take note of your booking reference number at the top right-hand corner of your booking confirmation as you will need this later.
  4. Make payment at Chicken Inn. Visit any Chicken Inn store across Zimbabwe to pay for your flight booking. At the Chicken Inn counter, all you need to do is share your fastjet booking reference number and passenger surname to the teller to access your booking. You can then pay for your USD booking in full in the currency it was originally booked in using any of the Chicken Inn accepted payment methods.
  5. Once payment has been made, you will be issued with a receipt from Chicken Inn and a new booking confirmation will be emailed to you reflecting that the booking has been paid and is secured.